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Time management: time to all!

October 25 2011


Time Management: Done's all. 20025.jpeg Often times you look at some people and you wonder how they manage to keep pace with all and still be beaming with happiness, well-groomed, and pomaded naglazhennymi? Work, study, workout in the gym, love life, meeting friends ... - And yet they have time. What's the secret?

The most proven method of self-organization - a schedule of the day. It is important to remember that it should be not as accepted, and the way it is more convenient for you. And if it were itself a daily routine, then do not break it - small business set aside an evening or weekend should not interfere in the gaps between the important things. From what you are all mixed together, do more still do not have time to, and disorganization again engulf you, and all have to start from scratch.

Such a schedule should always be in advance. Try to divide your life into areas such as 'work', 'family', 'learning' and so on. Each item can be divided into smaller sub. On vacation, too, do not forget, but it should be an order - it should not be too long.

Keeping a journal will help to monitor their own lives and understand where you want to work on a little more.

The most important thing - it is right to distribute their time, both at home and at work. And if you've already made a plan of action, it should not deviate from it one millimeter. Only control and work on yourself can lead you to success.

If you decide to live a life full of trouble, keep in mind that each case will have to constantly deal with. Drop everything and say, "I can not" be any, but to achieve a certain goal, overcoming fatigue , not everyone.

First of all, carefully follow along with what you're doing wrong, that is, that it was because of your actions to slow work. For example, look at your work place - whether it prevails or the order of all dumped in a heap? If you take a thing, always place it on the spot where it should be.

Get ready to work in the evening - if you meet at the last moment, just something so forget it.

Assign all affairs of the day in order of importance. Do not forget to make sure that the execution of minor cases are not delayed and did not interfere with you as soon as possible to begin to more important pursuits.

Do not guided by the principle of "do not put off till tomorrow what you can do the day after tomorrow" - all things should be done in time, would be difficult to overcome any laziness. If you put something on the back burner, it is unlikely to return to this later, but in fact, perhaps from the fact that you did not, depends on your progress in the future.

If you can not keep everything in mind, leave yourself a note. You can also write a memo to your mobile phone or PDA - it's too easy, and sound in time to remind you of what you had to do. But, despite the potential of modern technology, and train its own memory.

Optimize those things that you have to deal with regularly . Develop an algorithm for them permanent. Let's do while cleaning the house, let the machine to wash clothes.The rule is to do two things at once, one of which does not require special care. The algorithms can be applied to work. If in one case, a certain sequence of actions has helped you to effectively and at short notice to perform a task, it is likely that this method will work in the future.

Optimize your time. Many people do not have time to do the job on time due to the fact that a lot of time spent talking with colleagues, coffee and smoke breaks. Of course, this is in principle not forbidden, but remember that then you have to sit up in the office - work some of you will not go anywhere! Therefore, whenever possible, minimize "off duty" moments, at least in a situation where you are overworked.

Many start their day by reviewing the e-mail and newsgroups on the Internet. If you have a job, as they say, do not hit a lying, there's nothing wrong with that. But, in practice, "floating" on the web can be stretched for half a day. So try to catch the first of mail and other information that may be useful for you to work. A look at the rest of time off!

It is very important to be able to sort mail, separating those letters, which require an immediate response, those that can be answered later, and finally those which can not meet. Do you think, why give birth to all the heads of the secretaries?

H e should take the back-breaking load. Sometimes we agree to take on the some thing to please their boss or friends. But if it will not be met on time, or will suffer from other, more serious, problems, well no one will be. So, if you do not believe that the right - do not pull!

If the time is still sorely lacking, try to analyze at least one of your day - and you probably understand why nothing do not have time!

Believe in your strength and rationally allocate opportunities. Do not despair if you do not get right to remake themselves - one day it is practically impossible. But the delay, giving myself indulgences, not worth it. Only if you put in maximum effort, you could do it.

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