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How to prepare for exams?

April 25 2007

Session - the most terrible word to students. Especially for those who are not touched a textbook all semester. Yes, and for graduates of the summer is not a rest period: school exams, followed by the entrance. So how do you survive the exam period, keeping his mind and get a decent rating?

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Methods of preparing for tests and regular examinations are different. Therefore, you need to know in what form passes the test. As a rule, teachers do not make this mystery, so the problems with the first stage should arise.

Make a schedule of work

Carefully consider the technique of studying the material. Typically, students choose a system of "pass the tickets on line" (eg, the remaining months is split into 30 parts: one day - one ticket). This is the most common mistake. Moscow psychologist Pronin offered a successful alternative, which is called "3-4-5". Meaning the procedure is as follows: the remaining time (week, month ...) is divided into 3 equal parts. In the first, say, 10 days must pass all subjects at C grade, during the second 10 days - four, and the rest - the knowledge and sanded to remove defects. Thus, it is possible to teach it (repeat), creates a view on the subject as a whole.

Students, as we know, there is never enough of one night before the exam. What if time is running out? First, you must do at least a short but regular breaks. At night, you should at least get some sleep. In the morning you can flip through all the notes and lectures.

Relatively cribs, make them mandatory, even if there is no possibility to use them. The fact is that, writing abstracts, you at least get an idea about the issue, and something sure to be postponed in memory.

Preparation for testing is different: to bring to the automatism of the solution of several types of jobs. If it is a USE (Uniform State Exam) - to solve variants of previous years. As practice shows, each year the bulk of jobs remains similar. Do not forget that only checks the answer, no one solution will not be watching. On the one hand, it allows you to place a cross at random and receive positive feedback, on the other - a small error in the calculation cancels all tough decision. Therefore, the main thing - attention. Avoid patches, blots on the form. In case you do not know quite how to solve a particular example - check at least some variant, in fact, the probability of guessing is not too small. The same applies to the part "C" (the task with a detailed answer): write at least some common phrases, but do not turn in a blank sheet of paper.

Think about health

Please note the "miracle" tools that improve memory, help to defeat laziness, and drives away fatigue. Do not believe the advertising! Most often this medication with a stimulating effect. Of course, you get to order all night - do not want to sleep, but the side effects will not make a long wait: sooner or later fatigue still comes (it is quite possible during the actual exam). Especially all the knowledge, soaked under the influence of the drug, may emerge only in the presence of the organism of the same chemical.

If you're really nervous, too, soothing drink is not recommended: it causes "confusion" at the crucial moment.Drink plenty of vitamins. Force helps to restore the B vitamins, magnesium and a tablespoon of honey, eaten daily.

In preparation for the exams, pay attention to nutrition. Try not to eat cookies, chips and other questionable "goodies". Use them no, and the extra pounds you are likely to add. Carbonated beverages are composed mainly of water, sugar (or substitute), flavors and food colors - is not a gift to your hard working body.

Do not abuse coffee and strong tea. A cup of morning, of course, cheer and give strength, but its excessive use can lead to overexcitation and then to a nervous breakdown. Forget about cigarettes (best ever). Nicotine "eats" a lot of vitamin C, which is extensively consumed by the body during stress.

Many of the suggestions during the examinations to eat chocolate, it really helps you focus and calm down a little. In mandatory body needs juices. In addition to natural juices is useful in preparing for exams to drink fruit drinks, jelly, mineral water. And be sure - ordinary fresh water! It is necessary to you, "like air".

Following our recommendations, you best prepare for exams, to cope with the excitement of prom night and find the good mood and in great shape.

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