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Card - your success! Card for business.

February 25 2005

With the development of private enterprise in Russia appeared vast group of people who need to frequently share their phones and other coordinates. What should be the business card to represent the owner in the most favorable light for him?

Taking care of a man

Looked through his business card, you can easily share its contents into two categories - business card "information" and "branding."

On the pragmatic West prevails "functionality". Not for nothing that the English name of the subject - business card - literally means "business card". Business cards are an essential attribute of the company's employees, who by the nature of its work, contact with clients or representatives of other companies. Therefore, on the one hand, they can be seen in the small clerk, service engineer or a porter, and at the same time, even the heads of departments, communicating only with their employees, often go without official business cards.

When you order a business card is important to understand the way in which it is used.

Because the person who received the business card, usually wants to make their mark on it, the paper should be easy to take notes. Ideally, this matte melovka, and in any case, not plastic or laminated paper. For the same reason the reverse side of cards are to remain empty.

In addition, different countries have their own national preferences. For example, in Italy, popular calling cards in the form of books, and in England - the vertical cards. When choosing a style is not recommended to run too far away from these common traditions.

It may be our ads

Every business card left behind at the interlocutor, he creates an association with its owner. Therefore, it should be done so as to cause positive emotions of someone who looks at her. The card must be stylish, well laid out and quality printed. But the full artistic image is made up of the form and content. Agree, looks pretty silly with gold embossing on colored paper, carrying, for example, the following information: "Doe, a design engineer II category." As well as a modest one-color cards on plain paper manager advertising agency.

Always understood that the card must also "advertise" its owner. Not only that people recognize your phone - it is necessary that he have the desire to use this phone.

Double-sided business card in two languages, rather, do not say that the owner of a cool and works with foreigners and that he did not have enough money for two sets of cards - separately for both Russian and foreign partners. While on the other hand, for foreigners working in Russia, a bilingual business card is quite appropriate: for us it is the most convenient way to remember how to say and how to spell the name of a Swedish or French counterparts.

If your business card a logo, its colors should be observed perfectly. Differing logos for different employees or different business cards per person, printed after a certain period of time, does not serve to strengthen the company image.
The same applies to the choice of fonts.

The absence of a dirt

A few words about the need of business cards.Development of industry production of business cards has resulted in some countries, their presence in the business contact was not only desirable but imperative. For example, if Russia or France to the lack of business cards when negotiating partner will treat leniently and merely records the information on a sheet of paper, then in Japan, a businessman, I'm sorry that he had run out of cards, completely discredits himself. The interviewee will take it either as a serious person, or, worse yet, as disrespect for yourself.


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