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Top 10 most bizarre professions

October 24 2011

Top 10 most bizarre professions. 20018.jpeg The question, "What do you do?" - The most common. In small talk with new friends who rarely overlooks this topic. In addition to those who know: the revelation of their profession immediately put an end to a pleasant acquaintance. So do not be surprised to see at a party person looking darker corners, perhaps he is afraid that he will open the card.

Here is list of the most unusual, and occasionally nasty, areas of activity, according to . Than counting minutes before the end of the day at the office, better thank my lucky stars that you're there, and not somewhere else.

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10. Taster eggs.

The smell of rotten eggs - one of the most unpleasant "flavors" in the world. It is no accident they are the most important ingredients of bomb-vonyuchek who are so fond of school pranksters. However, there are people who have to deal with this tonshotvornoy stench of debt work - in some products used either protein or egg yolks, so they must be separated from each other. And at the same time to check that the dish did not get moldy stuff. Specifically, these people do not eat eggs for breakfast.

9. The collector of hearts.

To catch fish, you must first find the worms. Or find someone who will look for them for you. In Canada, for example, "chervedelie" put on a grand scale: there are entire farms bait fish. Best of all worms are caught in the dark in the rain, but there is one worm 4 cents - or 12 rubles per dozen.

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8. Osemenitel cows.

It's amazing what a science and technology came into question insemination cows. A special computer program tracks the most opportune moment, determines the compatibility of the donor cow in order to avoid inbreeding, but this time in anticipation of the miracle on ice in the repository is stored bull semen. Only the process of insemination is still carried out manually - literally. Osemenitel must stick his hand in the cow's womb on the shoulder to the whole of this venture came something worthwhile. I wonder how osemeniteli are hamburgers?

7. Employee "farm corpses."

The students - future medical examiners - must have practice on such farms. Open space in various positions of someone caring hand laid the body - one in the mud, the other in the water, others in the trunk of the car. Why would so mock the corpses? In order to allow students to get acquainted with the stages of decomposition in different environments. Pinching their noses, the students take notes, and after they leave, the employee returns farm the corpses in his place, simultaneously removing the mess of rotting flesh and the larvae on the spot where the corpse laid in front of classes.

6. The determinant of the sex of chicks.

The only official duties "visionaries" - sort out hens from roosters: the first will be to lay eggs, the second will be used for breeding.Aby who can not determine the sex, because at a young age in the chicken reproductive organs outwardly expressed - all employees are trained.

5. Cleaner aquarium with sharks.

Washing windows - not the most fun class, but if you add here stay in the same space with the most dangerous marine predators, the picture is quite bleak. Cleaners have to spend half a day in giant aquariums, collecting feces of their inhabitants, and pieces of half-eaten fish. Sometimes, instead of sharks to care for whales, dolphins, walruses and stingrays. And can you imagine how to clean up after a whale?

4. Collector downed animals.

Dead animals, of course, safer than sharks, but the work of collecting them from the highways of this is not pleasant. All day the garbage and only does that scrub away with a shovel corpses of birds and small animals with small highway and throws them into a pickup truck.

3. Virtual changed.

If you hate the sunlight, and the most pleasant sound to you - it's clicking a mouse, this work is to your liking. "Miners" spend all day in multiplayer games like World Of Warcraft, earn virtual money there and then sell them wishing for real cash.

2. Songwriter for pechenyushek with the predictions.

At first glance, to think that this would be to write a little note on that then invest in a cookie - a trifling matter. It's the same thing as writing lyrics for greeting cards or jokes for a stand-up. However, after the first hundred things start to go all the tighter and tighter - promise grief people do not want a set of pleasures rather limited.

1. Zombies.

One of the most popular tourist attractions in London - it's London Bridge Experience. The essence of it boils down to that make up a zombie volunteers lead groups of tourists on the cave at the southern edge of London Bridge, where in 2007 the mountains were discovered skeletons along the way telling the story of city bridges and medieval horror. The most active "zombie" guides, among other things, can earn up to 30 thousand pounds a year.

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