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Social inequality in schools: All the people as people, and I'm rich

October 24 2007

When the trees were large, schools envious of the eraser in the shape of rusalochek and stationery canisters with a portrait of Barbie dolls. Now, too jealous, but already clever mobile devices and clothing labels, on which appear the names of the luminaries of the fashion world. This is the same problem - the problem of social inequality in schools.

That kid, he was six or seven years. He goes to school. At school, classmates, schoolmates from mobile phones. The child has not. Baby envy, suffering, rolls her parents scandals. Teachers see the conflict problem, if you will, too, suffer. Raise the question on teachers' meeting and trying to solve.

Can be solved in different ways. You can, for example, introduce a school uniform. Her main argument of supporters of two - reducing social inequality and a tidy appearance pupils. Opponents believe that school uniforms puts an end to children's individuality, it is ugly and substandard.

Are right and both are, and the balance of power there as well. According to VTsIOM introduction of school uniforms has 51% supporters and 49% of opponents, among those polled. The children were wearing school uniforms categorically do not want. "Here we have the fifth year of almost catch on this form. But if a 1-second grades as if they are consciously and constantly take the form, then by the 3 rd and fourth class are allowed freedom "- says the head teacher Michael Zhdanov on pupils of the school. Indeed, the process of maturation is inextricably linked with the development of individuality, to 10.9 years, in which children complete primary school, they already want to split off and form then becomes a burden. "Because when we talk about comfort at school, I think it's the teachers comfortable when the children are so dressed up. And children will still come and go with the pain and resentment and envy "- says social psychologist Olga Mahovskaya.

If we talk about "tech toys" and the amount of pocket money, the question here is even more complicated. Many parents do not know how much money to give the baby to the expense, and a mobile phone which model he should buy. Parents fear that the child will be grafted in the cult of money and bring forth tangible assets in the first place.

"I think that modern parents are so jammed that he forgets to tell your child about their progress, not only material. When we buy something in the house of a great joy - a refrigerator, microwave oven, something else. When we publish, or something happens at work because of the fact that we have something to offer, etc., we believe that this modest achievement, this should not say in general it is indecent, even - to boast. Show off well, because the children will live with the feeling that they live in the family loser with no luck, because they were born in this family "- says Olga Makhovskaya.

The depth of this problem is also in the extraordinary "stretch" the problem. Envy of the eraser in the shape of the little mermaid hardly go beyond the first grade. Envy of the expensive equipment and money tends to stretch out on a much longer period.

But perhaps the most offensive to the problem of child social stratification is a matter of education. Secured youths are sent to prestigious domestic and overseas universities, the youths as "losers" often do not have the opportunity to pursue higher education.

"It is time to understand the state, or national programs, I hope that it will appear in the national project of education - to instill a set of full value to our citizens, ranging from 6 years of age, from kindergarten. That the child has a right to be the same as the Lomonosov, being from coast-dwellers "- says Eugene Balashov, deputy representative of the Moscow city committee for minors.

In recent years, school social inequality only becomes stronger and gaining momentum. Such a large value, it began to acquire somewhere between the notion of "Glamour" and the present day. Now fear of social inequality, with him trying to fight.So far, however, is hardly visible results. Remember only one occurrence of the school of advertising on the walls of the Central Department Store:

"Who does not PRADA, is a sucker!"
"All people, like people, but I Burberry"
"Here I am at school. Now I am only interested in clothes, and you - the two old cows (appeal to toys - feti - shit) I no longer needed"
"I want to be rich, famous, drive Bentley, dressed only in CUM"

Perhaps the problem of unequal social and children is a wholesale social inequality parents. Perhaps, in that they are just kids.

Sasha Mertsalova


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