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10 reasons to "score" on the job

August 23 2007

10 reasons to "score" on the job

Vacation is over and time to return to their workplace. Nevertheless, this is not a reason to be upset. You have left a lot of ways to relax legal.

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1. Breaks during the workday

During working hours employees should be given a break "for rest and meal period of not more than two hours and no less than 30 minutes, which is in the working time is not included" (108 articles of the Labour Code). Therefore, the most popular way to break away from work - is to go for lunch, but at the same time and relax.

If you are running from 10 to 18:30, in your work schedule has included a half-hour break. Time and duration of the break set internal regulations of the company.

2. Weekend

The employer shall establish its own timetable for your work. In this regard, you may be one or two weekends. But one of them must be on a Sunday. Usually the second weekend is Saturday.

3. Holidays

Non-working holidays in our country is (112 articles):

1, 2, 3, 4, 5 January - New Year holidays.
January 7 - Orthodox Christmas.
February 23 - Defenders of the Fatherland.
March 8 - International Women's Day.
May 1 - Labor Day.
May 9 - Victory Day.
June 12 - Day of Russia.
November 4 - National Unity Day.

If a holiday falls on a weekend, it is considered a nonworking day, before or after the weekend. And if you asked to go these days on the job, you should know: for it is the employer must pay 2 times more.

4. Compensatory holiday

If you urgently needed a day off work during the week, you can take a day off. Previously with the employer, find out how long and under what conditions it is available. Either the day (s) shall be deducted from your annual paid leave, or you take him at his own expense.

5. Hospital

During your temporary disability you are paid salary. Incompletely, and only the salary (excluding bonuses). After an illness should be brought to the employer a medical certificate, medical certificate.

6. Vacation

Granted only after six months of work at the new location. Typically, vacation is 28 calendar days, and the employer can not make it shorter. But it may split into two parts: regular employees every six months is given 14 days leave. If these days are holiday weekend, they added to the holiday. Those who are younger than 18 years, put an extended vacation - at least 31 calendar days.

If you wait a long time to leave, and you, for whatever reason can not work, you can take leave without pay (at your expense). For how long it take - to address with management.

7. Student Holiday

Available in addition to annual leave and part-time evening students gosvuzov offices. On the first and second year holiday is given for 40 days. On subsequent courses - 50 days for each session. If you are preparing to surrender gosekzamenov or defend a diploma, leave is given as much as 4 months old.Until the exams, the employer must pay you the salary. Under the rules, to the employment contract must be accompanied by student contract where specifying the terms on which you let go to take the session. In practice, cases provide students with such long holidays are very rare.

8. Maternity leave

During maternity leave accrued benefits of social insurance. The amount of benefit depends on your salary, but he could not be more than 16 125 rubles (in 2008 this figure will increase to 23 000 rubles). Antenatal leave is 70 days (if not the first child - 84 days). Postpartum - also 70 days (in case of complications of childbirth - 86, at the birth of two children or more - 110).

After exiting the decree woman can take paid annual leave, regardless of length of service for the employer (260 articles).

9. Leave for child care

Leave to care for a child (including adopted children) can stay until the baby is 3 years old, and all this time to receive social insurance benefit. Moreover, this leave may be taken not only the child's mother but his father, grandmother, grandfather.

10. Hooky

Illegal leisure options. Absenteeism is considered absence from work for more than 4 consecutive hours during the workday. After the first truancy can be fired. In addition, the director has the right to make a statement about your work absenteeism. This document will be embedded into a private matter that could adversely affect future employment.

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