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Freelance - Game Rules

April 23 2007

Freelancers (freelancer) in the Middle Ages called mercenaries willing to fight over who pays the most. Now the term denoted freelance staff working in projects for different firms. Usually people work part-time artists: designers, architects, journalists, layout, programmers, developers of Internet sites.

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In Europe, the fashion design work in house holds quite a long time. More and more people prefer not tied to one employer, leaving time for hobbies, school, family.

Freelance implies that the worker himself is looking for a reservation, establish contact with the employer, performs tasks in a specified period and receive remuneration - fees. No one organizes freelancers meeting as the project progresses and is not satisfied with an analysis of small errors. For failure to perform as an artist simply does not get money.

Failure to bring myself to sit at the computer turns fatal for many novice freelancers. Very often the person who let him and does not possess exceptional talent, but finished the project on time, get more orders from employers. A good freelancer is taken for the project regardless of whether he has a mood to work or not. A contracting authority may invite the project at any time.

One of the essential competencies of successful freelancer - the ability to communicate and maintain relationships with their employers. Doing this will free staff sometimes harder than everyone else, because of the project, as a rule he answers personally, and all of its flaws visible to the customer in full view. The situation is complicated by the fact that the download is extremely uneven, and some freelance abandon good order? Success in this area reaches a man is not only competent, but also disciplined.

Significant role in the Freelancer play not only creativity and responsibility, but the ability to make contacts. Freelancer must constantly rotate in a professional environment, meet new people, which, in turn, will enable him to gain new opportunities.

Earnings freelancers very different. But freelancers can earn more on the order of their colleagues working on a permanent employment. Everything depends on the particular person: if it is upscale and unique specialist, he has a lot of good projects, he can earn a lot. At the same time, income is directly related to working capacity. For example, you can sleep until the middle of the day, then spend time with friends and, finally, to devote "working day" time from midnight to sunrise.

Prozanimavshis project work, some vneshtatniki begin to think about permanent employment. However, there freelancers face great difficulty: not all employers have a positive attitude to the candidate whose experience consists of a number of design work.

Such a candidate will need a very clear reasons for why he decided to opt for permanent employment. In addition, the question arises of "corporatism" of the employee: if he can live under the laws of the company.Learning to obey the leader, without objection, to work in a team, build relationships with the team is not as easy as it seems. That is why many freelancers prefer to keep their employment records in a safe place.

Five years of continuous service in the trade journal unknown to anyone entitled to the employer often seem more attractive option than the three-time high-profile project and three years of doing nothing.

On the other hand, selecting creative staff, recruitment agencies perceive freelancers with enthusiasm.

Laws of experienced freelancers:

-Always count on their spending as if the next two to three months of money you will not get a single one of our customers. And do not count on money until they were in your pocket.

Nice to the customer is much to forgive and even to do for him some work in advance.

-Never be changed once the stipulated conditions of work - to raise prices, increase the time and so people get used to those conditions, which were originally announced.

"And the simplest, but most slozhnovypolnimoe: working at home, do not put off till tomorrow what you can do today. Never do the work in the last evening. The main thing is what keeps a freelancer - is professionalism and quality.

Pros and cons of freedom

a) a flexible schedule;
b) you - own mistress, the word "boss" disappears from the ideas and vocabulary;
a) no colleagues, and there's no intrigue, gossip and intrigues;
d) do not need to spend time on the road to the office: you can work entirely at home, communicating with the outside world through the Internet;
d) the issue with the release solved automatically: you go to rest, when there is money and desire ("imperial permission is not required);
e) you choose work on taste, nobody can force you to perform tedious or unpleasant task.
f) Freelance - this is the first step towards their own business, because such work can learn how to adjust the volume load, be responsible for everything himself and think about work even at home.

a) the salary can not forget, however, as to paid vacation and sick;
b) if you are sociable, soon you will feel pretty much discomfort, having lost fellow friends;
c) you can only rely on its own credibility as an official title you have no;
d) the risk grow lazy and generally leave work. Self-discipline - a laudable thing, but elusive. Not all have enough character to have to force yourself to do the right for further career, but a very difficult thing;
d) the additional costs for "workflow". Previously, if you have ended the paper for your printer, you appealed to the secretary. Now you have to know how much it costs cartridge refill, how great travel expenses, etc.

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