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What professions will be needed in the future

August 22 2007

In the future, we expect the society to actively uses innovation and satisfy their information needs. What experts are most in demand? Has compiled a list of 10 professions that will be the "hot" in 2012.

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1. Producers and distributors of organic products.
By 2010, organic food and drinks (products exclusive of ecological purity of certified, do not contain residues of chemical fertilizers, chemical preservatives, flavors, enhancers flavor and color) will remain in the food market of 10%. That's 10 times more than in 1998. Thus, the labor market will be increased demand for manufacturers, retailers and academics who specialize in working with organic products. Average salary: $ 50 thousand to $ 80 thousand a year.

2. Computational biology.
This relatively new trend in medicine is also known as bioinformatics. The essence of computational biology is the use of mathematical and algorithmic methods to solve molecular biology problems. According to scientists, ever come a day when you can take a living cell and say exactly what it will be a minute or several minutes. Average salary: up to $ 106 thousand to $ 118 thousand a year.

3. Specializes in parallel programming.
By 2012, most computers will move from dual core processors to multicore. On one machine can be installed up to 80 processors. This is evidenced by co-director of the research program Tera-scale Computing Intel's Jerry Bautista. Average salary: from $ 79 thousand to $ 88 thousand a year.

Working in parallel will different processors, and with great speed. Computers will distinguish between family members, to find a happy granny pictures, instantly recognize the signs of agitation or stress among hospital patients or passengers.

4. Specialists in data storage.
ID-chips that work at radio, cameras, computers and sensors in 2012 will generate much more information than we can digest. Experts in storage creates the structure (both real and virtual), transforming the river of information into something more meaningful and beautiful. Average salary: $ 90 thousand to $ 102 thousand a year.

5. Advertisement simulators.
Increased processing power in 5 years will make today's simulators more realistic and friendly towards people. Dean Jacobs at the University of San Diego Frieder Zibli believes that simulators come in all industries.

With their help, people will try new medications and treatments, business - to create new products. Average salary: from $ 91 thousand to $ 114 thousand a year.

6. Companions, homemakers.
The baby boomer generation ages. Most of them in the coming years will retire. They will need adequate care. And most importantly - at least some company. From 2004 to 2014 domestic helpers will be among the most popular professions, the need for them to grow at 56% per year. Average salary: from $ 23 thousand to $ 25 thousand a year.

7. Genetic counselor.
Doctors will be able to test you with dozens of genetic markers to identify potential threats to the organism.Genetics counselors needed to help people decide on possible treatment or correction of risk of future disease. Average salary: from $ 58 thousand to $ 64 thousand a year.

8. Cerebral analyst.
Using more advanced technology study of the brain, scientists can determine the human potential. For example, lie detection, diagnosis of diseases of the brain. Moreover, people will be able to determine the intellectual level, and even choose a career that best fits their mental abilities. Average salary: from $ 180 thousand to $ 229 thousand a year.

9. Space guide.
Already been registered, about 200 tourist flights into space. It was suggested to employ the so-called "guides" Space "at the growing number who want to fly beyond the stratosphere. Guides will help tourists to enjoy the entire process, from preparation and zakachivaya landing. So - fasten your seat belts, remember where the nearest emergency exit and ... Enjoy a picture of the portholes. Average salary: $ 80 thousand to $ 90 thousand a year.

10. Builders robots.
Predictor of the future in technology Paul Saff says that the components, processors and sensors for robots become cheaper with each passing quarter. The question that follows from this. The answer is known builders of robots. Already, they are created to play soccer, work in research labs and factories. In the near future, robots will live in each house. Average salary: $ 80 thousand to $ 90 thousand a year.

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