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School essay: sad and funny

July 20 2007

What did not you read the writings of pupils and students. Such "art" and quoted as telling jokes. At this time, their knowledge of American universities, students flashed. According to their creative works "Spartacus led a revolt of slaves, and later starred in a movie about it."

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Copernicus is "proved that the solar system revolves around the Earth." And Friedrich Nietzsche - is "the German filmmaker who wrote the" Triumph of the Will "and" Superman. "

About our country, American students are thinking: "The Tsar's Russia was a backward, despite government efforts to develop military-industrial complex and space technology. Communism raged among the peasants. " Also, "Russian fiercely defended Stalingrad as it was named in honor of Lenin."

Impressive? Believe me, Russian students are not less "talented". We could not resist and gathered the brightest "pearls" of the writings that have ever met in the pages of newspapers and the Internet.

With the history of our young citizens, too, "all right":

The Kremlin did not destroy the state, and took it and made an office there.

In Alexander's Macedonian army was led by an elephant.

Behind Herakles hung his gun.

Slavs were a freedom-loving people. They often drove into slavery, but even there they did not work ...

Bloody Sunday once again showed that the king could shoot not only workers but also on weekends.

No less lovely views of students to the literature, creativity and self-interpretation of the meaning of works:

Gogol suffered a trinity, which was that he stood with one foot in the past, another welcomed the future, and between his legs was a terrible reality.

Lermontov died in the Caucasus, but he liked it not so.

Bazarov liked different insects and made them vaccinated.

Poor Lisa was tearing the flowers and those fed their mother.

Turgenev does not satisfy either fathers or children.

Courtyard entered two horses. These were the sons of Taras Bulba.

From the works of Nekrasov's farmers have learned how to hurt them live ...

Since Pechorin - a man once, and then write about it - just a waste of time.

Kabaniha groped Katerina soft spot every day and pressed on him.

Gerasim put a saucer on the floor, and began to poke at him a muzzle.

Lensky, Onegin is, both were dressed in the then fashionable leggings. When they parted, a shot rang out ...

Once in the restaurant, Eugene Onegin meets Natasha, with her husband Pierre Bezukhov.

And a little more about the game of words in the essays and the wealth of Russian language:

Along the river bank was Tchelkache, and through his torn pants could see his proletarian background.

"If only one eye look at Paris' - had dreamed Kutuzov.

The boy was afraid of depth, so swam ashore.

soldier remembered here that in his pocket rifle!

Pope Carlo Knocked Pinocchio.

When I read the novel Gorky's "Mother", he himself wanted to become a mother.

The population density of Australia is 4 square meter per person.

In the summer, with all the guys we went to hike with an overnight stay, and with them took only need: a potato, a tent and Maria Ivanovna.

He was wearing pants with his father's shoulder, returning from the front.

The room went black in a flesh-colored shoes.

The girls were sitting on a boat up the keel.

Walking regiment of French and Kutuzov.

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