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How to learn to write off the exams?

June 19 2007

The average student usually floats on the surface of knowledge, and only twice a year, during the session, is immersed in them for the sake of scholarship. Everyone has their own ways to pass exams: some rely on the indulgence of teachers, or on sleepless nights trying to learn all the lectures, while others rely on cheating. What are de cribs and how to cancel with them?

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How to prepare for exams?

How to create and hide a cheat sheet?

Importantly, remember that cheating - quite risky. Often it leads to undesirable and unfortunate consequences. However, if you do not rely on that cost you to learn a few tips:

1. Cheat sheets are written not later than one week before the exam. Moreover, do it yourself. Part of the material will be delayed in the head, and you can navigate the written information. Using someone else's crib, you risk not finding the right material, and could not make out the handwriting and the reduction of the author. Try to write legibly, records must be clear.

2. Repeatedly read before the exam his creation. Thus, it will be easier to navigate and find the right question. Remember the location of questions to help the numbering of the notes. If the cribs have been too much, then make the content in the form of another paper.

3. Write a cheat sheet all in a row - not a solution. Stuff there the whole subject is impossible. Write to the crib just something that really knows or is a challenge to remember, for example, formulas, dates, quotations, etc.

Once your crib written, there is the important question: how to hide them, to cause less suspicion among teachers, and to easily obtain, use them and just as easy to hide them back? The most offensive - the teachers in his time, too, studied, and certainly no worse than you know the "secret" place for cribs. So try to show the originality and ingenuity: think of that before you, no one was thinking.

If you're a girl, the choice of sites for cheat sheets rather broad. Feel free to wear a skirt, pre-arrange all the cribs on the thighs or in stockings. The only problem that will not allow you to cancel - loving male teachers, who will follow your feet. Also, the cheat sheet can be hidden in a wide belt, high boots or collars.

If you're a guy, a great place to cheat sheets will be a tie. Pretend that a thoughtful twirl edge tie, and themselves neatly written off. Socks - also a great place for cribs. Stick them with your records so that under trousers could be seen the content. When the time comes to cheating, let down her legs. In case of emergency, calmly lower your leg and make an innocent person.

Transparent handle ampulka which is white, also can accommodate a storage place cribs. The teacher will have a good look to see the crib. But there is one drawback: Handle hide heavier than paper. By the way, are now sold with a retractable handle interesting paper. Them convenient to write all the answers. Only now have to go for a run to the shops in search of the office of a miracle.

p align = "justify"> no exception "shpargalochnoe art and high technology. Increasingly there is money to help alleviate the suffering of students. Try to take a PDA, if your teacher is not particularly versed in the latest technology updates. For the calculator, he will come down, and pre-ripped back information will help. You can also download the material in text messages. If the teacher is fit - to pretend that you feel. Another good way: Hands free or headset. Lee for his hair and the right answers will come to you from the other end of the wire.

How to write off?

Remember that properly composed crib - not all. For a successful outcome of the exam you must have the courage, fortitude and good acting skills. Remember that when copying main peace!

Do not look constantly at the party: the teacher immediately noticed these. Much safer in a brazen to put your pre-made cheat sheets on the table. Put it under a sheet of paper on which you write a reply or a sheet with questions about the ticket. The big plus of this method - no nervousness when copying, which often helps the teacher evaluate their prey.

If you can not hide from the eyes of a teacher, do not rush to make excuses and deny it. Just confess: Explain what a piece of paper written a brief response plan, as fully remember all the stuff - it is very difficult. In this case, the likelihood that the teacher will give you the opportunity to continue their response, limited withdrawal of cribs. Proving his innocence, and innocence, you've just set up against him a teacher. Most likely, the debate will end in tears.

Art cribs - the theme is inexhaustible People thought will always strive to invent new and new means of making life easier. This important, very necessary thing, which develops an unexpected inventive ability. However, remember that knowledge - remain the main component of success on the exam.

Masha Shibanova


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