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How to successfully pass the session: methods tested by experiment

January 18 2007

Session. This terrible event is an integral part of student life sweet. But as practice shows, unless you idiot, and really want to get the coveted diploma for you nothing is impossible. The main thing is not to panic and properly allocate their time and energy.

Of course, it is assumed that a couple of days before the exam you do not just cram notes, but repeat what was supposed to put my head over the past semester. However, many these days are beginning to tear at his hair and instead of rest before the delivery, gnaw granite science together with their own elbows. But even in this situation with the right approach all may end well.

In an almost desperate situation, many are saving advice before exams. On them you can ask questions on all subjects studied, yet too late.

One of the main rules for the student during the training - to eliminate everything that might distract (or disable the Internet, mobile phone, computer or TV) and fully concentrate on his studies.

As regards the various edible stimulants, many advise not to fill the stomach to capacity during the reading material. That is the best time to give up on fatty foods, replacing it with yogurt, biscuits, fresh fruit and vegetables.

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The choice of profession: physics or poetry?

There are a number of students will take, but if you do not even attempted something to learn, penny under the heel you are unlikely to help.

Let us turn to the opinion of experts. On the most burning questions about the training and exams said psychologist Yuri Levchenko.

- Many students in the session panic. How to configure itself to the right way?

Before the exams to catch a lot of seemingly unpromising cases. First you need to start small. Define your goals, arrange them in order of importance, starting with small, easily achievable goals.

- How to properly distribute the forces in preparation for the exam? What to do when the time is quite small, and learn to be a lot?

In this situation, you can try again delved into the most memorable themes and focus on the exam professor on these issues.

- That is in the process of examination should be translated into a response in another direction?

Yes, move to the question that you know best. But teach them to be on the principle of dolls. It often happens that students begin to learn from small (looking at very small inside a large matryoshka) and then nothing happens. We have to start with the largest nesting dolls. That is, the total transition to the private: knowing something in common on the topic, it is easier to tell about little things, even about the one about which you do not know very well.

- The audience is better to go among the first or last?

The last to go worst. For two reasons. First - he burned. Some students rely on the fact that the teacher is tired and will all be customized. This is a mistake, the last will get more. With the latter students, or do not have enough time, or something else, and the teacher more superficially applies to them, said "okay, next time will have passed the".

How to win an examiner?

First of all, you need to adjust to him, win the trust that other person treated you well. It is important not to irritate and enrage the teacher, but rather to force him goodwill. Because in real life, people whom we love those to whom are located, we appreciate the above.

- If one exam is delivered, but ahead of several more, worth roughly celebrate the successful delivery, or better yet once again walk away with his head in school?

Relax be required. But relaxing is not in degree but in time. We must not spend energy for nothing, but not to impose itself in apathy, because during exams is important to keep adrenaline cocktail in the blood.

Pauline Kulikovskikh

Васильева Камилла

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