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Change the job without risk to health

May 17 2010

Change of work - it's stress, even if the new place you were offered a hundred times less work and a hundred times more to get. The first time you're most likely going to feel unwell. Because, first of all, any change of an established rhythm of life forces a person to experience emotional overload, and secondly, you have to first pass "quality control" from new colleagues and leadership. What does not add to the psychological comfort. But you can make this difficult period of life less dramatic and shorter, if you will adhere to the following "Rules for the beginner."

Rule number 1: Punctuality

Unconditional axiom for all beginners: the first day you must report for work on time. Well, if you're in the future will differ excellent punctuality, but the first day - is sacred. On the threshold of the office must appear exactly five minutes before the appointed time, and no exceptional circumstances should not prevent you.

Rule number 2: You live in Rome - whether Roman

Arriving for an interview, do not forget to see what style of dress adopted at your potential colleagues. If they all go in costume, come in costume. If the company prevails in the democratic spirit, it should not shock anyone impeccable English brim of your jacket - jeans and a sweater would be much more appropriate. This does not mean you have to remake himself - after waiting some time, you can safely take you to a natural appearance. But then you have become their own.

Rule number 3: Promote communication

So, you're already working on a new place. You are surrounded by charming little people who are all somehow name. Both, is unknown. Worst of all, if you went through the formal presentation ceremony. Employees are facing you in the advantageous position: they have no difficulty to understand what your name is Ivan, but you had to memorize the names of just seventeen, and you have them, of course, immediately forgot. It is known that the first time all colleagues call "Excuse me, please ..." But how long can not continue. To decipher all the Mr. X and Madame Y, we resort to the three tricks:

1) Listen carefully, as employees call each other.

2) find out once again the names of all of the most liked you man.

3) Copy itself, if possible, staffing. The results of the research record in the list, not to forget again.

Rule number 4: Strain in the first 4 weeks

The first time it is better not to try to attract too much attention - it to you until and so lacking in abundance. Any initiative can be considered a novice "older soldiers" as an attack on their rights - it is better to overdo it with a little humility, than to pass for shameless impudent. Four weeks would be enough that you are accustomed to not expecting your surprises. Therefore, in the first four weeks:

1) does not get rid of things its predecessor - all these labels on your monitor, cacti on a computer, etc.;

2) does not prescribe in office meetings with friends;

3) Do not talk on the phone about personal matters too often, and more than five minutes;

4) is not suited to your desktop show pictures of your loved ones;

5) do not criticize people or projects;

6) does not suggest that we all urgently to move to a new way of working. In general, careful put forward ingenious ideas;

) Remove not your desk a more comfortable place;

8) All this pain you have time to do afterwards.

Rule number 5: Understand the relationships

In every company has its pitfalls to the uninitiated that it is difficult to see and avoid. While you can not tell the true underpinnings of human relationships, you always have a chance to make foolish.

1) Situation: You trustingly told the accountant Ivanova that your boss to show you a very conservative and old-fashioned.

Problem: Accountant Ivanov - the biggest snitch in the company. At this very moment she was sitting in the authoritative study, and grabbed his left chest, with the heat you laid.

2) Situation: You told a colleague that you find a referent Petrov sexy, but vulgar.

Problem: Assistant Petrova - the daughter of colleagues. Maybe he agrees with your definition, but ...

3) Situation: You asked loudly, that the wise man to print the document lying on your table: it is 40 spelling errors.

Problem: you yourself could have guessed that it made some of your colleagues. So mind you - this man now, you really do not like.

4) Situation: you have long praised the staff member Kuz'kina Sidorov. Said Kuzkin made an impression on you a good professional and pleasant person.

Problem: The employee Sidorov hates employee Kuz'kina, which is known to everyone in the company, except for just such inexperienced newcomers.

Rule number 6: Ask for help

The effectiveness of freshman in the company is always smaller than the old employee. Because freshman are too many problems:

· He knows what he needs to do;

· He does not know where that is;

· He did not know how to operate a fax of this system, so just in case, trying to sidestep ingenious machine;

· His unfamiliar name partner companies and the names of their representatives.

To get rid of these problems, it is necessary to resort to the simplest method, which for some reason, many beginners neglect. Namely: Do not be shy to ask people for help. Suppose you're in such a way to express their ignorance - no one expects that, just looking round eagle eye situation, you immediately voleshsya the overall rhythm of work. Suppose that the secretary will come out of the cosmetics for ten minutes, and teach you how to deal with office equipment, even a colleague at the next table to spend half an hour of his precious time and brings you the ropes.

And at the end of the day catching the most social person and invite him for a couple of beers, honestly, that you wish to obtain more information on the methods of the company and existing projects. Fear not seem bothersome: ... more forces will invest in your training colleagues than "more" you give them oboydeshsya, the sooner they get used to you, and learn to consider their own.

Rule number 7: Climb over backwards in the first 4 weeks

In this world everything is made very unfair. Opinion about you - and from his boss and colleagues - is formed at a time when you are least able to show themselves - in the first week of work at the new location. At this time, to give the final verdict on your abilities and opportunities, and revise the verdict to be merely a big scratch. You do not have anything else, like to wrap this in their favor. Namely: the first week scramble, proving what you're hardworking and omniscient. To stay after work? No problem!

make the day exactly two times more than you put it? With great joy! A sick during the flu epidemic will be someone else, but not you: the very embodiment of health and strong immune system. Do not worry, then you win.

But only after everyone around will see that you are more reliable than a stone wall, which, strictly speaking, is exposed to weathering and decay of time, unlike you. People hardly change their views, so that once earned a good reputation, you're still a long time can reap the benefits of their foresight.

Rule number 8: Do not discouraged

Hard? Returning home, you feel tired both mentally and physically, that his head going round and back ached, and that life - a piece boring and hopeless? According to sotsiopsihologov, depression and physical exhaustion overtake more than 70% of all new employees. While one can not define its duties and powers, until he secured support for the team until the whole rhythm of his life disrupted, your body is going through a stressful situation, which brings negative results for health and mental state. So it's a natural process and widespread. Another thing that you want from the consciousness of this fact does not become easier.

Sotsiopsihologi recommend that in this case?

· Change jobs in the autumn, just after the holidays. First, the holiday will snatch you out of your sphere of interest of previous work, and secondly, rested in the sun and be fed vitamins the body more easily survive the stress.

· Pay special attention to planning their working day. At the previous job you had to make a large number of entries in the diary - you could easily hold everything you need in your head, because it is well oriented in the situation. But the new place you have to spend a lot more strength to remember and organize everything, so every evening writing down what you should do tomorrow will serve you in good stead.

· Sure to do at this time for sports, the best in the fresh air. Physical effort will distract you from the issues and prepare the body to fight against stressful situations.

· Deliver yourself during this period more joy: Do not give up dating, chat with friends and lead very active lifestyles, not to dwell on their labor problems.

· Sleep at least 8 hours a day.

Natalia Savchenko

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