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Do not wash, no hair cut: all the signs of student

May 17 2007

In the student environment there are many different takes and rituals. Most of them are related to the exams. This is not surprising - session is the culmination of a semester of student life, tense drama experiences associated with the "struggle for the assessment," and the coming session of the inexorable, like the seasons. Each refers to the exams in different ways: someone spends sleepless nights, reading notes, while others continue to live at their pleasure, leaving everything to the last minute and hoping for a good old chance.

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The first omen. Do not get a haircut and wash. Proven and effective way, that's just come to the exam dirty and unshaven bad, especially since the session may last a week, and two ... Therefore, a good omen, but not comfortable.

The second sign. Scold the student. The stronger the curse, the better. By the way, then that person usually have a great relationship - he has already expressed everything about you, I thought, in absentia, and has no other claims.

The third sign. The night before the exam (at 24.00 exactly) you need to open student's record-book, put it in the window three times and utter the magic words "Shop-Shop-freebie" (in another version, should be the most pop out of the window along with the student's record-book or leave who have at balcony and scream as much as possible louder "freebie, come!". It's more reliable. And if the exam will be very heavy or knowledge at all at zero, then you can still try to jump out into the street in his underwear screaming "freebie", it is quite likely) . It should show the "free" place in the student's record-book, to poke a finger in order not to missed. The word "freebie" - clap the student's record-book, tie it with thread to back is not rushed, it is possible to squeeze a large paper clip. Then the student's record-book should be put under the pillow or put in your freezer to "freebie" of freezing, and not to open before the exam. And it is better not to open and on the exam, it is desirable to only shake to "freebie" woke up. If done correctly, the ticket will get the easiest and "teachers" will not be tortured further questions. Right way and not by one generation of students tested: it is difficult to say how there with the "freebie", but the student is the exam more calmly responds more confident, therefore, the estimate gets higher, and the procedure for the examination he no longer seems so awful.

The fourth sign. Sleep on textbooks and notes. Going to bed, well-put summary under the pillow to sleep knowledge alone penetrated his head, so to speak, "diffuse." Just before the exam can sit on the notes. To and hindsight to be strong too.

The fifth sign. Putting a nickle in the shoe. No, not the tiny 5 cents, which lost a shoe and a large copper penny Soviet times (while claiming that copper is useful for headaches). In the subway turnstile pass through the fifth, a coat in the cloakroom tend to pass on the counter with the number of the fifth, fifty-fifth, five hundred and fifty-fifth.

Sixth sign. Do not take exams in the new things you never wear.New things do not carry any information that is useful in the exam.

Seventh sign. Ask a pregnant woman ticket number. If you're on your way to the exam met the pregnant woman, approach her and ask them to call the number. If we believe will take, this is the ticket you get.

Eighth sign. Maisonette in student's record-book. In the upper right corner on the last page of the student's record-book to draw a house with a window and a pipe from the pipe should have to go to smoke, and the longer the smoke, the better it will be put session. But if you draw a picture for each session, the student's record-book risks becoming invalid due to "holiday village" on the last page.

Ninth sign. God has come, I'm behind. Crossing the threshold of the audience, I must say these words, cross your fingers and with God's help to pass the exam.

The tenth sign. Crossed the threshold of his beloved feet. Just need to correctly determine where the favorite leg, and then not to confuse the limb. Will not go into the same audience a few times, explaining that you stepped into the wrong foot.

Other signs. You can not back on the way, if something you forget. And if you still had to go back (forgot his crib), it should definitely look in the mirror. If somewhere in the stairwell of a black cat set out to run across your path, you must have time to slip in front of her to cross her path, even her own success will not happen. If the first person you meet, coming out of the house will be a man - so lucky, if a woman - no. Or this: you meet a pregnant or a naval officer, then receive a credit (to spoil), met the homeless, a firefighter or police officer - do not get (a loss). On the road to college can not step on manhole covers, and if you still gape and the tread, it is necessary for something to touch his hand, "to give a failure."

Tatiana Trushkova


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