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Reformiruete themselves - themselves and form

March 17 2005

We then consulted and decided that we are the last educated generation in this country. The case smells like kerosene: it seems we are not able to calmly finish my studies at the expense of the native state. It is represented by the Minister of Education and Science Andrei Fursenko, does not want us to teach for free. His office last summer to push through the Duma amendments to legislation on education, abolished any government guarantees the quality and accessibility of education. Soon we will feel the result.

Talking about reform are long, but as the curtain fell last year happened aggravation: developed by the Office Fursenko program was presented to the government. A government like any idea to shift the budget expenditure on another's shoulders. Current officials have received their education for nothing, but our education at public expense seems to them "excessive social obligations."

For several years, continues the epic with the introduction of the unified state examination (USE). Ministry of Education and Science states that the guarantee of equal education. Mol, a resident of any region has a chance to enter any university of the country. But at the same time the ministry is planning to eliminate virtually free education. Speak at the same time the availability of training in high school to anyone interested - or stupidity, or frank mockery.

True, the authors of the reform idea was revived sdohshuyu state registered financial liabilities (SPFO). In fact, this grant is to study at the university's most talented applicants. The amount of public assistance depends on the results of putting USE - the higher the score, the more money. There is one problem: according to preliminary discussions, these amounts will not cover a tenth of the cost of training. But these crumbs of State does not intend to make a great living. Minister Fursenko believes that who studied in the state subsidy should either return the money, or work out their in state institutions.

In any case this is not a subsidy is obtained as a loan.

However, all this will affect only future students. We have the same, and such concessions can not be expected. For us, everything is much simpler: we'll have to fork out.

Ministry of Education was decided nevertheless to go to the western two-tier model - 4 years of study at the BA and 2 years for Masters. At first glance it seems that this is nothing more than a simple renaming of Western-style (hardly anyone can seriously believe that the Russian high school diplomas after the reform still to be found abroad).

Nothing like that. The fact that universities will have to revise the training program, we are not too worried - it's a headache teachers. Worried about something else: even those of us that attend free of charge, most likely to finish high school will have the money. Mr Fursenko announced that the proportion of free places in the magistracy will be lower than in the first stage of training. And if proposed by the Ministry of Education and Science of the reform plan is adopted, it may be that we have not received the university in general, and the baccalaureate degree. A Master's program - it is a separate issue. Financial.

Graduate does not need those planning to do business. It is necessary only for selected scientific career. Apparently, Mr. Fursenko believes that science classes - it's fun. And for fun, as you know, you have to pay.

Scholarships from the oligarchs

The oligarchs got an offer impossible to refuse. "Social care responsibility" in our country has paid no state, and business. Including support for education. Moguls ran a race to establish their own scholarships and grants.

there would be better if they did not. These scholarships looks more mockery than a real help.

From each event on the awarding of scholarships for oligarchic mile pulls frank polemic: moneybags demonstrate concern for the future of our country.

Small as this concern, if the richest people in the country can afford to unfasten best students from their bounty a few thousand rubles a month at his brother. Vladimir Potanin Charity Fund pays 2,000 rubles, 1,330 students of 67 "leading" universities in Russia. Yukos and sponsored only does higher education-related c-refining, chemical and metallurgical and gas industry. The maximum size of payments - 1500 rubles, more often - 1000 and 700 rubles. The company, Basic Element (Oleg Deripaska) came even easier: it allows the scholarship to study at the London School of Economics and one graduate of the School of Economics.

The owners of oil wells and metal monsters served at Charity surely realize that they have allocated enough money so that young people could pursue their studies and science, not wasting time on earnings. But these sops enough to create a reputation as a philanthropist, with which to regularly report on their unprecedented generosity to the press. And most importantly, you can report to the government that took over the "social responsibility".

And it shall come exactly as long as the state does not force the oligarchs to stop pretending that they support education, and make the start easy to do.

American Scholarship

To explain to Americans what our student scholarship is virtually impossible. Because for them it does not like the salary.

Free education in the United States does not happen at all. The only difference in the amount of tuition fees. Another thing is that if there is a certain amount of brain shift can be partially or even fully these costs on other people's shoulders. You can contact the organization, ready to give grants to certain conditions and stipedii.

In America there are over 800 programs and organizations that support university students.

Easy Scholarship - the most desirable form of aid, it is associated with any commitments. The most massive - the state grant Pela - is designed to low-income students. Its maximum size of 4,050 dollars a year. Recently, President Bush once again promised to increase that amount by 500 Greens.

Sometimes fellowship is given in a latent form. For example, the university can reduce by half the cost of training prospective students.

The second type of fellowship - fellowship - often paid to representatives of various "minority" under-represented in some areas, such as women in political science. Issued under a specific research project and covers all costs for its implementation, including spending on food, and - rarely - a student residence.

Humanities gets much less grants and scholarships than the "techies." However, there are also strange variations. For example, a fund of one John Smith, who gives out scholarships to all full namesake founder.


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