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For that dismissed employees in the U.S.

February 17 2011

16137.jpeg Lose the trust of the employer can be for different reasons. If an employee is constantly late, sits all day in social networks, and comes to work drunk - dismissal is a logical outcome of his career. However, losing their jobs can also be for their views, responsiveness and willingness to protect the weak - as in the U.S..

Stacy Fiarnell, whose father died of cancer, has shaved his hair, and the proceeds from their sale money donated to the fund-raising for cancer patients. When she returned to work in a restaurant Nathaniels, it immediately fired: the requirement to wear a wig Stacy boss refused, however, and went home. The restaurant owner and part of his head chef Dan Hilliard explained his decision by the fact that his institution subject to certain rules - so that male staff can not wear earrings, and women should be on the head at least some hair.

According to statistics, users of social networks update their status on average 3.4 times a week. A considerable proportion of posts are all sorts of "how I zadolbalsya in this job." Briton Kimberley Swann and they just brought. After she put in the status of "bored at work", it summoned the boss, who loves climbing on the accounts of its employees, and announced that from today it can be free.

People who write with the click of «Caps Lock», annoy everyone without exception. To such an extent that "kapsyaschego" can be fired. Bookkeeper Vicki Walker from Oakland has lost his place for love to the corporate correspondence capitals, highlighting nearly every second word in bold and red. True, after the company paid 17 thousand dollars Vicki compensation. Meanwhile she is going to sue next.

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16136.jpeg Responsiveness often goes sideways kindly citizen. Waitress McDonald's fired for what she has added a piece of cheese in the burger, which bought her colleague, at his own request. Representatives of McDonald's stated that such manipulation is turned into hamburger cheeseburger, which is more expensive. The girl went to court, after which the company paid her nearly six thousand dollars in compensation, recalling the last, that the rules of the contract does not provide "gifts" for family member, friends or colleagues.

Another restaurant employee was fired for having left his post to save the girl, which attacked a robber. 22-year-old Massiel Marquardt walked past a Thai restaurant when a man attacked her with a knife. It said the waiter Juan Canales, who rushed to help the girl, rescued her from the assailant, pinned him and held until the police arrive. When the intruder was taken to the station, Canales returned to the workplace, but the manager announced that the dismissal. "Maybe he's a hero, but the fig-worker" - the employer explained its decision.

Model Philip Hamilton, weighing 54 pounds, was too large for their work. Company Ralph Lauren, with whom she worked, said that such a "fat lady" they no longer fit. In an official statement said that the 23-year-old Hamilton was dismissed because of "inability to perform the obligations under the contract."

The referee Daniel Gregory loved in the midst of the meeting aside for a couple of SMS. In fact, the use of camera phones is prohibited in the courts, especially the judges, but Daniel decided that if she sends several messages, nothing terrible will happen. Alas, it happened: Daniel literally caught her hand when she scribbled messages to a married man, court staff, the text accompanying his photographs for nalyadnosti. Needless to say, that it was deprived of his post ...

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Teacher Wendy Gonaver priyagat refused allegiance to the United States and California in particular. Pafitsistka and Quaker, Wendy felt that the oath violated her right to freedom of speech and freedom of religion. Since the day after the oath Wendy had started to Cal State Fullerton, and an unsworn she could not do this, a teacher suggested that the administration of the institution to add to her own sworn statement expressing her views. The college said no and goodbye to Wendy.

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