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Second Higher Europe: Truth or fiction?

September 15 2006

You think about the second higher education? And have just decided that you need it? Then you will be useful to our recommendations, to receive education abroad. However, in our time should pay for everything and if not money, their time and knowledge accurately.

To get a free education, and yes even with scholarships, you definitely have to participate in one of the many programs conducted by the EU on the occasion of the signing of the Bologna agreement. In the application, you will need to tell you why all this must be what it's for your and the host country?

Being able to free education, you can not only do not pay for tuition, but also a decent standard of living in the country, even in cases of lack of work. Get a scholarship is difficult, because the competition for them every year higher and higher. And remember that each program, willing to pay you a scholarship has its own distinct mercantile goals and objectives.

Tips students take the hindmost

For example, the Swedish Institute, gladly willing to pay for your education, and pay a scholarship of 2000 euros, but for what they are going to such waste? First of all, to raise a new generation of highly skilled professionals who are eager to cooperate with Sweden. Thus, they establish business contacts with Russia, and it is possible that in the near term, hundreds of talented Russians will work in this Scandinavian country. Typical brain drain.

Requirements for all program participants are quite natural. This is a perfect knowledge of English (in Sweden and the United States, this condition is required). Or, if you choose to study Europe, you have to learn the language of the country that will pay for you. A second and equally important condition is considered high marks in school leaving certificate, but as we all know, you can easily buy. It is desirable to have a clear approach to life, because our native feature of the "drift" in the rest of the world is considered a sign of laziness.

In the evening the money - in the morning diploma. In the subway or on-line - at the request of the customer and the creditworthiness

In connection with the signing in 1999, Russia Bologna agreement for undergraduates (bachelor's) in Europe there are numerous exchange programs. Also they offer the American Council on Education, and the British Council.

After receiving a grant and the goodness of your university, the city council, you can get is in any European Institute, enough to have the necessary discipline. Grant is about 22 thousand euros per year. It is assumed that this amount you can allocate how you want to fit, in fact this money should be enough for your training, accommodation and meals. But the majority of Russian students, hitting for example in Germany or France, immediately arranged to work, because a lot of money does not happen, but at home bored all.

Variations completely free tuition (or the ridiculous sum of 40 euros per month) in Europe abound, but the burden of paying for their stay completely fall on your shoulders. If in central Europe is not so, impossible task, in Scandinavian countries for a room in a hostel you have to give up to 500-700 euros per month.

In this regard, so close to us in the spirit of the country as the Czech Republic, is a very attractive place for the second highest. According to the laws of the Czech Republic education in the Czech language, it's free for everyone.

Czechs recognize Russian certificates, and this is a definite plus. Ultimately, the Czech diplomas are recognized in all EU countries and are highly rated worldwide.The only drawback is the need to speak well in Czech, but as the Polish, the language has common roots with the Russian and the campaign for the course, you can learn in a few months.

Higher education Fursenko: so high that no doprygnesh

Recognizes our certificates and diplomas France, but the man never studied French to learn it perfectly well be much more complicated than the Czech. With far more problems you encounter in Germany. Schooling for the Germans is one of the longest in Europe, namely 12 years of education, so our certificate is not quoted, because of their system, we have not finished the "secondary" level of education. To enroll in one of the many universities of this great country will either have to complete their education at school, or have been behind a couple of years, bachelor, which you zachtut for the twelfth grade.

In many EU countries tuition fees are quite comparable with rates in the Russian market education. Year of Study in Spain costs as little as 2 to 5 thousand euros. Like us, everything depends on the prestige of the institution that is not always points to the qualitative aspect of the question.

But the cheapest universities are located in the Republic of Poland. The cost of your training at only 1,500 euros per year, accommodation is mere penny, but food is cheaper than in Russia. Education is possible in English and German, but we would recommend you to study at our sister polish.

Prepared by: Alex Vitvitskiy


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