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Lies that can break your career

September 13 2010

12429.jpeg All the secret sooner or later becomes apparent. And your work is also applicable. No matter how you cheated in an attempt to "negotiate" with the client, bypassing the existing rules that a puncture is inevitable. And even then blame yourself: you can forget about their plans to conquer the career peaks at this company.

The employer is an employer discord: some will obediently "eat" your weekly tales of diseased grandmother, stuck in a tree or a kitten on the nature of origin of the envelope with a large sum of money, quite by chance found themselves in your desk drawer. And someone is enough to throw just one look at the staff to understand: just lying.

Overseas bosses, for example, get the hand to distinguish the true from the false tenderness to ... hands. If an employee complains about the ugly state of health, asked for her off and says he can not even get out of bed - before her bad day out on the job the employer is unobtrusively looks at her hands.

If the nails sparkle new manicure, it speaks for itself: hardly a woman, barely moving his feet, he suddenly decided to look after themselves. Most likely, a liar recklessly decided to arrange a day of beauty. Lightly - because the idea that a good chef is always on the alert, did not even come to her.

A great many people lie every day with or without cause. According to statistics, an excuse for a boss come in second place after lying for its second half. The term "white lie" here clearly does not fit, except in exceptional cases. Appeal to biblical commandments here definitely does not make sense, so turn on your common sense and imagine what could be the consequences of your tricks.

The most "innocent" will be the deprivation of prize check in the conduit against your name, and of goodwill, of course. In the worst case, a series of excuses simply lead you to the dismissal, and well, if not insulting employment records. So try to remember that in any case no need to talk to his boss.

First, do not always tell the patient. Friday or the Monday malaise can "ride" once, twice, but no more. It is clear that very few people give up three weekends ago, but your selective pain sooner or later alerted anyone.

Much more honest and more peaceful for you to take one day at his own expense, or return to work after a holiday for a couple days early so you will always remain a reserve, which may be needed urgently in an emergency.

Time off under the pretext of urgent matters, such as a hike to a doctor in the middle of the day - another popular technique. In summer it usually resort those whose holiday falls on a cold season. On the one hand, you're still there at work, here it can make a deal with his conscience, on the other - were a half-day "vacation", which is so pleasant to spend on entertainment.

Here lies the danger: after leaving office, you lose your guard, and because the terms are so many eyes. Rest assured, the next day your boss will know all the details as you squeal on the eve of the carousel or dropped on a desert during a trip to the restaurant.

Conflict of interest - another pitfall. If you are excitedly telling superiors what vile types of his subordinates (except you, of course) and tries to dump her guilt on the other - you can already begin to imagine the shameful vystrugivat board.Proznav that you cavil at his colleagues, the team not only razobiditsya, but will make every effort to get you otlilis their tears.

The principle of "if you want to live - to know how to turn" is not always worth taking on board. Dodgy scammers never loved, even if the informer for his work you get some bonuses, it's not a good indicator of your attitude on the part of the source of money. In matters of internal politics is always better to keep neutrality and not be afraid to take responsibility for any mistakes - reputation again.

If your organization is counting man-hours, you should know: this is another temptation that some very difficult to avoid. The temptation to ascribe extra "stick" so great, and makes it all so easy that you do not notice it as a growing cohort of "dead souls".

All is revealed as a rule, when the audit. Such machinations are considered serious misconduct, in some cases - a criminal offense. So innocent, in your opinion, threatens to turn the trick, and deprivation of the license, and the long tedious litigation.

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