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Learning not to be late: how to become punctual

August 8 2007

Each of us have a few friends or colleagues who are always late. Sometimes there is nothing terrible, but what if your own late start to spoil your life? Constant reprimands from the boss, blame your friends and relatives - these rather unpleasant things become constant companions of late.

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When surveyed executive directors and then to find the most ridiculous explanations lingering subordinates, one of them told of a woman is regularly late, explaining that each time becoming more and more fantastic.

"One day, being late by more than 2 hours, she called and said she woke up and found a bedroom window two men - glass cleaners, and was forced to 2 o'clock to lie in bed, waiting for when they finish work, because sleeping naked" .

If you do not want to look as ridiculous in the eyes of others, we have to contend with delays. How to learn to arrive on time and do not force yourself to wait?

First you need to answer two questions: why am I late? and why do I need to be on time?

First, consider the first question. Maybe you just do not know how to properly allocate their time. Make a plan fees and carry yourself a certain time on each activity. For example, 15 minutes for breakfast and 10 minutes for a shower. At the same time, be able to check whether you spend it this time or it needs to be increased. For starters, you can set as a goal everywhere to come 15 minutes earlier. If a meeting is scheduled for 15.00, write a diary that you should be in place as early as 14.45. Some people move their clocks for a few minutes ahead. But it is not suitable for all such self-deception. Our subconscious mind still remembers that in fact there is still time left and there is no hurry.

If you're always late for it in the morning, then try everything possible to make the evening. For example, cook food and clothes to advance to the morning in a hurry do not do everything at once. It is equally important to push yourself to get up at a certain time, not to transfer several times, and alarm clock did not stay in bed after waking up more than 10 minutes. Also need time to go, then it will be easier to get up, and throughout the day to you to "wake up", do not have to drink gallons of coffee.

The second reason for delays may be purely psychological. Once, asked his classmate why she always late for lectures on the half hour, I received a reply: "If I go to the auditorium in time for me no one paid attention." Tardiness - not the best way to draw attention to themselves. Especially if it is meeting with the punctual man. Many people are terribly besyat latecomers, because such behavior is very similar to disrespect for a man who is waiting for you. If you do not value time, this does not mean that it does not appreciate those whom you make the wait.

And maybe so that you hate to wait, and after several delays friends or acquaintances, decided for themselves that now and do not will come in time to wait for others. In this case you need to learn how to "kill" time. Come to the desired hour, taking with him a book. Then, if you have to wait, then you will be able to spend your free time.

p align = "justify"> Now you have to answer the second question: why should I be on time? It is very likely you will be late, because you know - you can afford it, and nothing for you it will not. By the late one of my acquaintances friends are so used to always come to a meeting an hour later and still waiting for her for about an hour or themselves go after her home. Another thing, if you are late to work or to meet with someone who will not wait for you and five minutes. To do something, you need a boost. Think about what your are fraught with delays? Deprivation award, fine, threat of dismissal, a quarrel with a loved one - all this can be a good motivation to come at the appointed time.

Learn to manage their own time is very important. After analyzing the reasons for their tardiness and removing them, you can avoid many embarrassing situations, endless excuses and feel much more confident.

Irina Kapustina


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