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Simple magic to attract money

September 7 2010

12523.jpeg Money is never enough and always want to see them become even greater. Of course, you can refer to a psychic and get a so-called money talisman, attracting wealth. But did you know that money itself possess magical properties? After centuries they absorbed the energy of people, and this has created a special aura around them. At least, so say parapsychologists.

So, you want to use the magical power of money?

First, never spend all the funds available - always leave at least one bill a "rainy day". Remember, this bill should be just, rather than coin. Even if you have a very low income, so a dozen of something extra is always there!

If the temptation to spend the last coin is too large, set up an account at a bank. Never remove all the money from the account, and if possible Report to place a small amount. Say, 1 percent of the total of your income.

Secondly, if possible carry a "charmed" coin - it will attract others. If you can not turn to an expert on magic, take any large bills. (In accordance with your prosperity it may have merit from 100 to 1000 rubles. But it's best to use dollars or euros). "Encode" of any words. For example: "Shop-money, and big and small!"

Another option: take a coin or banknote 5 kopecks., 5 rubles. or 50 rubles. and slander: "Debts and bidding, I'm going to a merchant, and tossing a stiff upper lip. Give me, Lord, to borrow money to make it where and what so many have nowhere to put. Amen. Put a coin in your purse or wallet separate from other money. Do not part with it under any circumstances! Soon money markedly increase.

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Third, do not keep money in a cheap wallet - they will not! Buy necessarily expensive purse made of leather. Desirable red or brown colors - these colors attract the bill.

If you need to save up for something money, this special issue ... By the way, was once fashionable to keep the house money box. In the gap gadgets threw a coin, and when the space inside was filled, piggy bank broke out or shake out the contents - and bought on the savings some treasured gizmos.

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Most often these ruses used by children, but sometimes piggy becoming a significant tool for the family budget. These days, alas, even the accumulation of metal fines a year you can hardly buy a really valuable thing. But do not rush to throw money box! And even better - buy new!

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The fact that any piggy bank - a symbol of wealth and cash welfare. It draws energy into the house money. On the other hand, the situations are different, and the treasury should be selected so that it will bring maximum benefit to you personally or your family.

img style = "float: right;" src = "/ images/article/5/2/4/12524.jpeg" alt = "12524.jpeg" />

Piggy in the form of pigs is particularly suited to those born in the year of Pig. It is not too fastidious in food, so there may be omitted in any coin, even a penny. It is useful to treat a pig acorn, throwing it into the slot or put next to the piggy bank. From time to time should be washed pig snout - is that it attracts large amounts of money.

Piggy-cat suitable primarily for women. It is best to keep it on the dressing table, surrounded by beautiful, nice smelling jars and bottles. Recommended "to have a" cat and those who have money "does not hold in their hands. If the gap is wide enough, you can cram into it and the paper notes, but not torn or dirty - your cat will not like it!

"Cat" financial magic works best to raise money for beauty or health. You will certainly be able to buy a new fur coat, expensive French perfume, or subscribe to the Wellness Center.

Piggy in the form of dogs not only saves your money - it also protects you! While it is in your house, rest assured - you're protected from thieves and other unscrupulous people!

Piggy-horse help those who urgently need money. Dropping into a coin magic certainly humming a song: "My money, my horses, you have no need to prick!" Soon the money "priskachut" in the house.

If you plan to buy a new home, it is best to keep the money in the trunk. Just do not forget to put in the treasury a small piece of brick and picture, which depicts a house of your dreams!

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