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Malicious peers and how to neutralize them

June 7 2010

In all there are conflicts at work - from minor disagreements to fierce competition. And anyone know how any conflict of personality, which abound in any group, can lead us out of ourselves. But there are still steps that can be taken in relation to employees, acting on your nerves. If you've encountered at work from the malign "characters", follow these tips - and you have been successful with all the "dismantled."

We all know who Mr. ideal (or Miss Ideal - essentially does not change). This is the same man who can never accept criticism with dignity, even if it is absolutely true, and expressed in the mildest form. He is sure: whatever he does - is correct and nothing has been said by you or anyone else, his views will not change.

How to cope with it? The best approach to Mr Ideals is to first highlight its strengths and achievements, and then to add: "However, here's your last job ..." or "But recently, shows you someone thrown off ..." It is desirable also insert the words that you or someone else will also happen something like this - some silly mistake. Avoid categorical words like "never" and "always." And say "collectively", often using the word "we" instead of "you." Type: "Sometimes, we all are." Thus you nullify the hostile attitude to your criticism and do not give the enemy an opportunity too vigorously defend its position.

An avid debater
Do you know a guy who is willing to speak on any matter and to challenge even the most rational? For what? Yes, to hear him speak! He almost never with anyone disagrees, always making the problem of what others say.

How to cope with it? Of course, you do want to put it in place, but it's better to step on the throats of his song, because it just will ignite the next conflict. The best that can be done with a keen debater - to let him finish the tirade. Do not interrupt him - let him talk. When finished, let us know what you think. Try the most articulate his thoughts. If you interrupt it will not join the squabble. Better to just walk away, leaving the last: "You are not ready for a constructive conversation." Thus you give to understand that people are not human.

But the main thing in dealing with such people - not to lose composure.

This is the epitome of self-centeredness. Its just puchit of conceit. He believes that the whole world revolves around him and his needs. All praise and gratitude he takes at his own expense, regardless of whether or not it deserves. He also believes that his problem is always more important than somebody else was.

How to cope with it? If you feel that too Yakalka pulls the attention and favor of the bosses themselves, as you yourself did not want to use the same methods to try another way - in writing. Keep a detailed record of what you did and have achieved, and from time to time, lay a piece of paper superiors with reports on their work. Thus, your invisible "Yakan" will not rush the team's eyes, but at the same time you inform the leadership of that in the common cause is your personal credit. One day, with your help finding a discrepancy, the authorities ask Yakalku about why he attributed to his next achievement - and he "zasypetsya.Then he'll have to start thinking with your head and restrain "Yakan".

This type is very committed to the established order of things, to accept new ideas. And even when all vying he insists that his methods are outdated, he remains confident in reverse. Rested normally does not spend its energy on the debate, he simply do as habit.

Technique to combat such a man is the simplest. Do not waste your bullets - let him do, he knows. Of course, if you are sure to want to be generous, you can always try to help. But it is better not to insist, but simply to refer to someone's proven track record. If he was "rested" as usual and will otbrykivatsya on your tips, well - he is worse. Such a course of action can leave him sideways, but it just proves the faithfulness of your position. But if you can prove the hard-nosed, that innovations are needed primarily to himself, there could he "rested" - the best employees will simply not find, and you will only rub their hands.

That we all just hate - he's always talking about all bad things and, as always, for your eyes. " Discussing you with someone from the staff or with the boss, he will not fail to put you in the bad light. And it's not even because he has "teeth" in person on your person, and he just - a man who is able to assert himself, only "dropping" of others. And this is nothing, if everyone knows about this its "weakness" and relate to what he says, with obviously suspicious. And if not - have a worm as a fight.

How? When you once again hear of his small dirty trick, take Tihushnika aside where you can not hear, and let him know that you know it govnistosti. He may, of course, deny all the charges, but certainly once you have them presented, he will have to reckon with. Most of these people learn that they have exposed, go into the shadows, showing how they supposedly good girl. Then, of course, the disease begins to progress again (they just can not anyway) - and then requires a re-injection.

When it comes to "obvinyalok, this guy - a champion. He never takes responsibility for his mistakes and always pointing fingers at others. He is unable to understand that the easiest way to gain a good relationship with colleagues at work - it is honest to admit when you did something wrong.

How to cope with the Prosecutor? Show willingness to share with him responsibility for the mistake. Even if the error was due to his fault, not yours. You disarm the Prosecutor, saying: "Yes, of course, in all my fault and only me." As a rule, even the boss understands this game and appreciates the ability to escape from conflict, defiantly taking the blame. If you suspect that your boss did not understand the game, explain their tactics and then in person.

Whiner - an employee who always dissatisfied with everything. And he usually does not understand the difference between the expression of just resentment and nitpicking. This citizen pours its negative outlook on the world to anyone who happens to be close - no matter whether you want to hear it or not.

How to cope with it? Since it is impossible to change the whiner (such is the individuality of man), the only thing in this case is in your power - to minimize contact with him.When it starts you to "load" ordinary claims to everything else, just tell him that you are too busy to discuss issues not on the merits. It might take offense, but next time think before pestering you with my "whining".

If it still does not help ...

Ask for a transfer to another department in another corner, a different table. In the end, the authorities have always advocated the fact that staff were working as efficiently as possible, and therefore in their interest to create the necessary comfort to employees.

Whistleblowing should not do, but if a person suffers from irritating quality of your work, it is better to put lead in popularity and ask to intervene.

And the best thing you can do in a situation where you have to deal with a difficult personality - is to behave calmly .... Not everyone is given to be born in such a talented, smart and savvy as you. So think about the shortcomings of other people's condescending. To you it will return a hundredfold.

Andrey Trubnikov

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