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From rags to riches: Running on the career ladder - March 6, 2007

March 6 2007

Year after year, sitting at his workplace, carefully carrying out their professional duties. And on the horizon loomed the long-awaited increase - left your boss, there is no doubt that his place is appointed you. Who else? You know all the details of the work, diligent, devoted. But at this place for some reason they took a man "from the street" or worse yet, a recent newcomer. Why?

Bulgakov "never asked themselves come, give yourself all" ("Master and Margarita") in building a career is not permissible. The fact that you never approached the question of enhancing the boss. The boss is in full confidence that it takes your place, you are completely satisfied. In time talking about another impending increase, you would decide this issue once and for all.

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Therefore, clearly define its requirements, and told them to management.

Wrong speech and gestures

Your manner of communication, voice, gestures, talk about you a lot more than words. Nonverbal communication even more important than the words you say.

Your passivity and embarrassment caused only a general suspicion and pity. Are such feelings should call a man who claims to anything? Insecure man out in a trembling voice, lowered shoulders, bad posture, apologetic smile, plenty of apologies, introductory words and arrivals.

Decline in communication from the "conservative" speech constructions "I try to do it", "could you ..." "I thought," I do not quite understand, "" may, "and" like ".

Try a more "severe" sentence. For example, instead of "I did not understand the job, it is better to say -" I need to clarify some points. " From such "trifles" and create your professional image.

Before talking with the head defined the main idea. If the authorities will need details, you will be asked about them. During the conversation, continue to press for non-verbal communication - pose the most open, look straight, unambiguous and concise statements.

Demonstration emotions

You are emotional and it's not bad at communicating, but is unlikely to benefit the career. Your self-restraint and objectivity indicate that you accept weighted logical solution to any, even a critical situation.

The best way to hide their emotional vulnerability - is to minimize the personal conversations. Do not take criticism and comments of superiors and colleagues as an insult, we all have problems, PMS, bad mood.

Not every work is going in your favor

Elementary occupations takes your "golden" time. Always hold it only for the work, which enhances your skills and adds your scores in the face of the authorities. Do not let colleagues sit on his neck. Copy documents or hours to be a "gofer", not worthy of people with higher education.

To be or not to be

We are all different, with different notions of success. Choosing a career path, please note: you can not please everybody, even the remaining years in one post. You are not "gold coin to please everyone." There will always be people whom you dislike.When building a career, you will always be for someone to "weasel", "bitch", "Sharper", "toady", "foxy". But not for everyone!

Alex Vitvitskiy


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