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Where to work an introvert?

February 4 2011

16051.jpeg It is known that all people are divided into extroverts and introverts. Extroverts, like air, you need to communicate with other people, but it is almost an introvert is not necessary. Moreover - contact with others is sometimes very uncomfortable and even painful for them. How can that be, for example, to search for a job? On this reasoning psychologist Xenia Averin.

- Anyway, the service team is not very sociable people, - says the psychologist. - They rarely take part in general conversation and is usually absorbed by work. Introvert as if directed inward, busy with his own inner turmoil. At the same time, most introverts has a rich inner world, strong creative abilities. They may have a high scientific potential, writing poetry and music, paint ... But here's the gift of communion they do not have and therefore often a reputation for being strange and unsociable.

Often introverts still adapting to their environment, and the environment adapts to them. Well, taciturn man, nekommunikabelen, so what? However, occasionally come across people who have communication delivers very real suffering. They can communicate with their relatives or friends (with the latter usually are friends since childhood, but no new plant), with the rest of the same contact is very superficial and only when necessary. For example, an introvert is almost never invited to his guests, and he does not like to go visiting. Free time he prefers to spend with a book on nature, etc. And more often alone. Of course, not all introverts who remain bachelors and old maids - they may have personal or family life, but only if the partner recognizes their right to their own "space" will not stop them from climbing into their "hole" .

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The most difficult situation arises with the work. Office with a lot of people - not the best option for an introvert, and work effectively "in the team," as it is now accepted, he is unlikely to be able to.

- A long time ago it was thought that everyone should go to work, to communicate with the team on the principle of "one for all and all for one", and if someone does not fit into this framework, he was considered a maverick, called the "proud man", " eccentric, propesochivali meetings, - said Xenia Averin. - While it was necessary simply to take into account personal features rights. Now opportunities for adaptation of such people much more and they do not have to endure psychological discomfort for himself the situation. Testing during the interview must show that the new employee - an introvert. If you give him individual tasks, involving as little as possible to communicate with other colleagues, he will cope with them quite well.

If you could not bear the thought of constant interaction with outsiders, then you should think about the kinds of work not related to the presence in the workplace, or where communication is reduced to a minimum. Do creative people have always been popular work janitor, security guard or watchman. Sometimes on such positions taken and women.

16050.jpeg There are more prestigious professions that do not require working with people. For example, the literary editor, proofreader, typesetter and journalist, copywriter.You can sit at home, editing or typing text, or preparing articles on given topics for any publisher or publisher.

Is right for you and any remote work on a freelance basis - the so-called frilanserstvo. With the advent of computers and the Internet is not a problem. You can write computer programs, articles, engage in web design and so on. The only problem would be to look for orders from employers. If you have absolutely no communication skills, it will be difficult. Therefore, for the first time is better to turn to someone whom you know and trust, and ask him to help you search our customers, or place on your behalf resume on the web.

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By the way, a virtual communication, whether with employers on dating sites or forums of interest introverts often show themselves more successful than real. In a letter or chatting easier to find the words, there is a chance to think about ... Yes, and easier to communicate without seeing a person alive. This can become a step towards more effective communication in real life. For all the same person - a social creature!

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