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How to convince the personnel officer that you deserve

March 3 2005

SCENE: office


1. HR - employee in the personnel department of the organization, work in which you seek, or an employee staffing agency, has interested you attractive vacancy;

2. Applicant for the vacant post - do you own persona.

Like not just a personnel officer: being versed in different methodologies, it You will turn the inside out with all sorts of tests, so yes, that will not find it. Where it was easier in the old days: before takes a job candidate just put a bowl of food - help themselves, they say. And if the bowl quickly emptied, said: "Well done! Easily managed - good will employee. " As it would be nice, and we pass this test! But no, now in employment must not operate the jaws, and brains.

Of course, the staffing business, like any other, does not stand still. Methods for evaluating hire employees for a long time have accumulated - o-ho-ho!

But you do not drift. A few tips will help you not drop a clanger in dealing with tricky and picky creation - HR.

· Be prepared to answer questions "on the threshold"
No sooner had you closed the door, as you hear a friendly: "Well, how do you reach us?"

Let the innocence of this issue you will not disappoint. This is the first test. You already rated. And the answer should be optimistic. For example:

- Thank you, good. You are perfectly explained to the road.
- Successfully reached. You find quite easy.

So you are the first words will create an impression of himself as a man with a positive attitude - these are more likely to hire.

And as the story of his misadventures in store for the friends: how are you kilometers of two steps in the wrong direction, because it confused the "right" and "Left" as the five in a row to your question about the required street answered "I do not know. We ourselves are not local, "etc.

If you like vylesh to the personnel officer, he laughed a laugh, even politely sympathize, but ... soon would start looking for another candidate for the post. Because:

* Bad orientation in space - no dignity, but rather a shortage;

* Inability to concentrate at the decisive moment, and clearly follow the recommendations indicates nesobrannosti;

* You will show a failure - and what the company employee, which avoids the luck?

· Leave all your troubles behind
Nobody wants to hire a pessimist, preferring to deal with an employee, whose view is not marred by numerous concerns. Shrugged, remove wrinkles from her forehead and remember their achievements - so you acquire the form of self-confident person. Tell me about your victories, not defeats.

· Imagine that this interview - one single, and not another
Put in this conversation to its full potential. Listed all the pros who emphasize that you are the most suitable candidate for this position. Labored during a conversation - and you show a thorough man, not a moth, it is easy to flit from one interview to another.

· Mindset to success and do not let anyone or anything to bring down your
11 years ago, Irina, now deputy director of one of the largest companies in Moscow, heading for an interview, got under the shower, fell down the stairs in the subway passage (which, fortunately, escaped with minor alarm), and has already managed to stumble at the threshold. "Not to good, - she thought - I have nothing will!" And wrong.

Do not frighten yourself "signs of failure."Yes, whether at least three times gloomy weather, the mood you are supposed to be sunny! A passer-by pihnuvshy your elbow - just hurt a human life that should not become an obstacle on the path to your success.

When HR finally realizes that the best candidate than you do, he does not find, and will be ready to send you to an interview with the head, take the bull by the horns: Contact the personnel officer with a request to give practical advice to meet his future boss. Believe me, human resources manager also interested in your success as you are, it was he recommends you the boss. Rest assured - the most valuable advice you get now.

And he was no "clever" and "picky" - HR. Just wants to do their job as best as possible. What do you advise and make a new place. Good luck!

Svetlana Biryukova


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