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Rating of the most depressed occupations

March 2 2011

16210.jpeg Do you think your work is very terrible? You go to work as hard labor and work for the demeaning you pay as a slave in the galleys? Millions of people throughout the world are not happy with their work. American researchers have compiled list of the most depressed of specialties, and if you find your job in this list, then you may want to change something.

American sociologists have studied the effect of occupation on the risk of depression and nervosa. To this end, the researchers analyzed data from a national survey, which was attended by 60,000 people between the ages of 18 to 64 years.

It turned out that the list of depressed profession to lead the area to care for the elderly and sick people. Get here and nannies, and nursery school teachers, and teachers in schools. University professors, in general, satisfied with their work and careers. Almost 11% of those working in these areas of people each year suffer from depression for two weeks or more.

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16211.jpeg Second place went to catering employees .... About 15% of waiters, bartenders, cooks, hostesses, cloakroom, and even luxury hotels headwaiters argue that customers are under an hour brought them to a white heat, and a nervous tic and a desire to start a fastidious cad dish - just a small fraction of daily stress. Many service workers subject to mental disorders, which were accompanied by loss of appetite, sleep disturbance and decreased concentration.

Third place was taken by social workers and health care - about 13% of them suffered from depression. The researchers also found that depression was the least susceptible to architects, engineers and scientists - less than 4% of them are faced with mental disorders. That is the American statistics, but that we in Russia?

Rules of conduct at a new job

16212.jpeg Russians are unhappy with their careers, as shown by a recent poll by VTsIOM. More than half of men and women over 40 said they go to the unloved work, social scientists have found. Young easier - just 20 percent said they work for the sake of money on uninteresting work.

Over the past twenty years, the labor market is changing so fast that people just do not have time to sort out the dozens of new specialties. And now do not feel out of place. Not all have enough determination to start from scratch in a new profession. Not everyone can do this circumstance.

Russians have the lowest in Europe the level of job satisfaction shown by the results of sociological research. The market may not always offer competitive conditions and decent wages. Because in some areas there was an excess, while others, conversely, a lack of specialists.

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The number of disillusioned Russians is growing, according to analysts SuperJob.They podchitali that two-thirds of Russians people are willing to acquire new knowledge and even learn new skills, but not everyone has the time and money on a second degree or refresher courses. However, 25 percent of Russians say they did their hobby work.

Also poll VTsIOM shows: work without a fixed schedule has become a popular and profitable. Average earnings of the Russian freelancer at the end of 2010 amounted to 44,000 rubles. In this case, employees who sit in offices from start to finish, earning an average of only 20 thousand. Already a third of Russians realized the benefits of freelancing on and left the office. 16213.gif

Housewives with children, working from home, earn under an hour more than their office colleagues and successfully combine work at home and communicate with children with freelancing. Others continue to work under the contract only because they fear instability. Only one in twenty Russian completely satisfied with his regular employment.

How do I get the pleasure of working

However, the work of a freelancer does not mean that he does nothing and has a lot of free time. According to statistics, for the week of "free artists" accumulates on average 53 working hours to 40 offices. But such work is truly brings them pleasure, and most of what he likes. Only 7% of freelancers disappointed own activities, experts have found the Higher School of Economics.

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