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Diary for Planing: so nice and comfortable ...

March 1 2005

Now on the Russian market presents many different options for notebooks targeted at students, journalists, scientists, housewives, businessmen ... In short, writing paper provided all segments of the population. In the notebook are made numerous recordings, contacts are made - it accompanies you everywhere.

The most universal format - A5 (15h21 cm). Ladies size smaller - A6 (10x15 cm). Usually diary consists of 352 pages: 314 pages - the main unit, 28 pages - telephone and address book, 10 pages - additional background information block. In addition, the normal (read: prestigious) organizer should include a calendar for two years, international and area codes, world time, and match clothing sizes in different countries.

Weekly office type call Planing. This is a unique desktop version (30h11 cm). Designed for the planning of the working week. As a rule, Planing holds 128 pages, including: 104 pages - the main unit, 14 pages - telephone and address book, 10 pages - additional background information block. Mounted on a spring or at the crest (double evrospirali).

Pocket Planing (8h15 cm) is a must for people young and mobile, such as students. Firstly, it is small and thin (typically 128 pages) and easily fits in a pocket of his jacket or jeans. And in its turn as well - the work week.

Pages and covers

Quality - no small matter: the weekly must serve you a whole year. There are two approaches - the paper and the cover.

Chasing cheap risk to buy products with low-density paper. Through it will be visible imprint on the record on the previous page. Paper in the diary should be white and thick. And that during everyday use throughout the year lists are not "flying", you should choose an embroidered block, not glued. Diaries, embroidered with a block is more expensive, but you will not lose a single day. Convenient tab (ribbon) to quickly find the desired page. But perforated corners in a few weeks of daily use will look messy.

Price depends strongly on the diary cover. The cheapest cover - hard of bumvinila. Not much more expensive than laminate. Usually, this bright colorful artwork, film-coated: matte or glossy. Matte looks more attractive and it is left fingerprints.

For notebooks specially designed material balakron. Texture it can be smooth, granular, to simulate the skin of various animals - such as a crocodile or a cobra. Cover diary in a cover - soft, pleasant to the touch.
Artificial leather is much more expensive (160-200 rubles). Typically, the cover of artificial leather durable and ideal for everyday use, so it is hardly worth buying a year diaries from natural leather. While the desire to splurge in the business world is almost commendable.

Do we need a map of Paris?

Becoming increasingly important new system of planning time. Business notebooks on the spiral - a practical vertical Planing for each day. Perfect solution for those who do not like too much detailed planning. It's simple: write down things that needed to be done - and put a tick when it is completed. Then do not forget, and all have gone. In these notebooks also provided hourly planning.

a cover of business organizer always placed all sorts of devices - for pens, business and credit cards, an envelope for various details. Mount the same on the rings is probably the most successful of all the proposals will make it easy to change the sheets.

Not all imports of diaries, adapted for the Russian consumer. Foreign manufacturers often use the English language and a few more European, including Russian. In this diary you can find the name of the month and day of week in Russian, but a background information pack will still be in English and prepared it will be for the Europeans, with their maps, area codes, etc. Moreover, apart from the high price is another problem - we have a different alphabet.


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