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People-riddle: Doctor Faustus Mephistopheles called his son in law

April 26 2011

People-riddle: Doctor Faustus Mephistopheles called his son in law. 16539.jpeg Goethe's Faust character - a real person, longing for immortality. He lived in the XVI century and was doing research in philosophy, magic, studied the ancient Kabbalistic manuscripts. Mephistopheles - one of the most powerful demons, which during the life of Faust called his son in law ", - reads the inscription on the memorial in the German city of Württemberg.

On the wall of the former hotel "Lion" in the German city of Württemberg and still hangs a plaque. The inscription on it reads: "Mephistopheles - one of the most powerful demons, whose lifetime Faust called his son in law, he turned his neck, barely twenty-four period expired agreement between them, and gave his soul eternal damnation." According to some historical sources, it is beyond of the "wet work" happened in 1540. The exact date is no longer installed, but all chroniclers agree that the man would call himself Master Zabelikom Georg Faust, Jr., for many decades been famous in Europe for its ability either miracle worker, or a genius swindler.

The people lived Oral traditions of the amazing abilities magician Faust. Saying, for example, that cost him slap his hand on the wooden table top, as she began to exude flow of wine. Or how to hunger Faust umyal a hay wagon, biting his cart and horse. Or about how the middle of winter Devil Faust supplied with fresh strawberries. In one such tale frizzle Faust told the devil strew the ground with snow, so that he could ride a sled. And what about the story of how a scientist in the market forced the chicks hatch from eggs immediately, cover them with his cloak! On another occasion he fell into the water from the boat, but his clothes stayed dry ... Contemporaries Faust could not explain it otherwise than as interference devil.

Mixed reviews about Dr. Faust has more than enough, but reliable information about it is surprisingly small, and we can only build a more or less plausible assumptions about who he really was. According to some sources, in 1509, this man named Johann Faust graduated from the University of Heidelberg and went to Poland to continue his education in the sciences.

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Apparently, he soon became an itinerant astrologer and magician, because we know that already as Georg Faust, he was expelled from the University of Erfurt. In 1520, Faust found himself at the court of George III of Bamberg, which had worked the originator of horoscopes. Eight years later, when Faust takes the name Joerg Faustus and declared itself a predictor of fate, it kicks thrown out of the city of Ingolstadt. For a while after that, he diligently worked as director of the pension for the boys in Nuremberg, but in 1532 was sacked and hounded out of town for the corruption of students.

Apparently, the real Faust possessed remarkable abilities to stay afloat in all circumstances.It is as though nothing had happened sent out business cards, which recommended itself as the "first among the magicians, astrologers, second among magicians, palmistry, aeromantov, piromantov and Hydromancer.

Whatever it was, thanks Faust quickly spread beyond Germany. Published in 1587 History of Johann Faust, some critics think perhaps the most significant achievement of German Romance. She relished the not too demanding mass reader and has been translated into several languages.

People-riddle: Doctor Faustus Mephistopheles called his son in law. 16540.jpeg In 1594 in England was staged drama of the famous poet Christopher Marlowe, who the year before he died under very mysterious circumstances. Faust in Marlow was not an ordinary charlatan or a Satanist, he sought the assistance of Prince of Darkness, only to learn of human nature ...

Only after three hundred years after the death of Faust appeared most likely, a great piece of literature devoted to biography of this enigmatic personality. Brilliant German poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe pored over his verse play for nearly thirty years. The protagonist of "Faust" is totally different from the characters of earlier works. Goethe's Faust - a true warrior, dissatisfied with the level of contemporary scientific knowledge and understanding of the world and therefore ready to give his life for a single moment of complete intellectual bliss.

As for music, here we find the remarkable creations of the same theme: "Damnation of Faust" by Hector Berlioz and Charles Gounod's great opera.

Why do the terrible death of a miserable swindler gave rise to such an abundance of powerful creative impulses? Perhaps the answer to this question is contained in that same writing on the wall of the Hotel Lev. After all, it is said that Faust twenty-four years has been filed to the forbidden fruit of Satanism. And although the forbidden fruit is sweet, break it tastes bitterness of knowledge - that it is impossible to comprehend the mysteries of life, drawing from the source to the dead water.

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