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12-year-old Nostradamus beginning of XX century

October 4 2011

12-year-old Nostradamus early XX century. 19935.jpeg In 1913, hardly anyone would think that school essay conventional 12-year-old boy will be prophetic. Apprentice school in a small outback English in their work talked about how the world will be in 2000, and many of his assumptions were correct. Interestingly, the composition of a boy discovered quite by accident.

The work of young British Nostradamus named Edgar Kodling found during the project, whose goal was to trace the development of school education in the county of Norfolk in the past 200 years, reports The Daily Mail.

Within two years, volunteers have investigated the archives of all rural schools in the county that were built before 1950 and survived until our days. When the long and laborious work has been completed, the works of students and other important and interesting papers were presented to the public at the exhibition. What is remarkable essay by Edgar Kodlinga?

In his paper on "What will the world in 2000", the student predicted the rapid development of the aviation industry: "Many planes will cut through the sky, and they will become as common as cars. The aircraft will be used for business and leisure travel. Travel for g Ranitsa become very popular. "

In addition, the boy said that the bicycles and newspapers will become very affordable and accessible to everyone. The only thing wrong a little oracle, it is in the prospects for the emancipation of women. The boy doubted that women could achieve equality with men. "Perhaps the suffragettes and will be eligible to vote, but probably not," - Edgar wrote.

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In our country too short nuggets of this kind. In recent history, the most famous, perhaps, is the Slava Krasheninnikov - a boy from a small town Chebarkul Chelyabinsk Region, who died in 1993 of blood cancer. Vyacheslav was only 10 years old.

As the " free press ", a four-year boy suffered a concussion and has since began to prophesy. It is true that in those days to the predictions and predictors included, to put it mildly, without a lot of confidence.

First drew attention to the special gift of his teacher, Irina Slavik Abramovna. A second man, an unusual talent razglyadevshy boy, was the elder of Nahum the Trinity Sergius Lavra, where the child was brought in 1990 by his parents.

"That's when, at age 8, he told me that he sees all the internal organs of people and know what people think he sees the disease early on and it turns out that the school he helped some children. He said that knows the thoughts of our President, the American president, and generally thought of all people. Knows how, where and what the nukes are, and what secrets to him on earth there is absolutely no "- says the mother of Fame Valentine Afanasyevna.

Basically the vision of the child concerned for the near future of our country: "Russia will break up. Even small republic of Tatarstan will separate type.This will contribute to economic survival, but when a disaster will not be mutual, since each region will be busy with their own problems. First, Russia reconciled with America. Many Americans will be on the Russian border. Will start to import American products and goods to Russia. We will have all American, even a movie. When the Americans and Chinese will be on the brink of war, the Americans at the last minute scare China and unleashed it on us. "

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Now deceased Slavik - a cult figure in the Southern Urals. The child-prophet has written several books and is the first written by the mother of Fame. The book is called "Miracles and predicting adolescent Slava."

Every day on the grave of hundreds of pilgrims come to the boy. It was built over the tomb, crowded with icons, including the most Slavik. Here, prayers are read and sung in his honor composed akathists (next to the tomb is set chair).

Near scattered stones that give out money for little visitors. It is believed that these stones to help heal all illnesses.

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Xenia Obraztsova

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