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Unbelievable but true

The mystery of the stone heads of Ukrainian undead ...

June 30 2011

Every now and then there are messages on the stones, similar in shape to the human head. Recently, local historian Ivan Stepanchenko found near Kiev next boulder, reminiscent of a skull, but not human. The find has lain in the earth millions of years and will likely serve as an attribute of some ancient cult, shared researcher.

In petrified "Skull" weighing about a pound of oblong shape, slit for a mouth, huge ears, nose, almost no ...

"People often find stones that resemble the skull of unknown creatures, - says Ivan Yakovlevich.

- But such as this, I have never seen in humans or animals. Discovery is necessary to investigate, conduct analysis radiouglevodny and DNA analysis. "

Incidentally, in the year before, like the skull was found 200 kilometers away from Sofia. Researchers concluded that the fossilized bone. The skull was sent to Berlin laboratory for analysis of DNA, but the examination results are still unknown.

Several years ago, Eugene Minsker Bugaev found in the forest a strange stone, which clearly could be seen from orbit brow, the shape of the nose and mouth. A few weeks later, he found several more stones that looked like the head of various animals - snakes, crocodiles ...

According to Bugaev, who is an expert in automatic control systems of aircraft, the stones may represent the products of biotechnology: it is both electronic devices and living organisms. So they look like animals ...

Bugaev findings and other researchers interested. The well-known UFO researcher Valery Far sturdy, see the samples, said that the composition of the rock came under thermal effects. Meanwhile, in this area there are no traces of volcanic activity. UFO researcher suggested that the stones are of cosmic origin ... Does not exclude the possibility of sturdy and it is really fossilized skull.

Stone heads and found much earlier in the XVI century in Ireland. A lot of fossil skulls are archaeologists and paleontologists during the excavations, especially in the so-called anomalous zones in the area and ancient shrines. Thus, in a seaside cave fridge in the permafrost, is found the skull oddly shaped - gaunt, staring up from the eye sockets ... As stated by the experts, it belong to the merits, which is unknown on Earth.

Senior Fellow, Institute of Geochemistry and Geophysics of NAS of Belarus Vsevolod Bordon gives a sober assessment of the phenomenon. He determined that the majority of stones composed of silica. However, this type of quartz is very rare in the Minsk region. Moreover, it is difficult to explain why the stones suddenly appeared in one place. Several samples and in fact are pieces of volcanic rock, which in this area should be absent.

The unusual form is probably just a result of weathering of rocks. But, theoretically, it can be fossilized skull. Whose only? And where did they come in such numbers, and even on the soil surface? The verdict of the scientist: "The stones of interest, and the place is some sort of contraption!"

Ufologists, of course, see in these findings prove the existence of extraterrestrial life. However, most likely, some of these stones is just a bizarre game of nature, of man-made origin is (like the skull hew, perhaps religious purposes), and only DNA analysis can confirm that once these objects have been living matter.But even in this case can not claim that we are talking about the inhabitants of other planets: the fact that the Earth's history, too many blind spots. It is not excluded that "stone head" once belonged to members of collateral branches of humanity, who have long been extinct.

Finally, there is the likelihood that a strange kind of skull - the result of genetic mutation. After all, these deformities occur in our days. And not for nothing that the head separated from the body may be that ancient people were killed monsters and kept their skulls, or dismembered their bodies after a natural death. This could be done, for example, for ritual purposes.

Anyway, have not yet received any tangible evidence to suggest that this is indeed the skull, rather than ordinary stones. Therefore, any conclusions too early.

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