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Unbelievable but true

Tibetan paradoxes and academic debate

June 20 2011

Tibet attracts attention due to higher knowledge that there is concentrated and granted to Buddhist monks. It is believed that this knowledge - of a different order, sacral and open only to the elect. One of these mysteries - the body of Hambo Lama incorruptible Itigilova , which is located in the somatic condition - between life and death - more than 85 years.

Religion and science are in a long-standing antagonism, and the scientist rarely finds common ground with the theologian. Yet early on, according to one version, the word of God, and science for many centuries trying to reconcile their world order, following your own axioms and conjectures. World is ruled by superstition.

In the Middle Ages inquisitorial fires long-running dispute with the formal logic of theological dogma embodied in the teachings of the scholastics. Modern society is still living in a kind of dvoemirii, and each of us a sense of Giordano Bruno, who expects either anathema to the church, or ridicule a scientist.

Tibet is often attracts attention due to higher knowledge that there is concentrated and granted to Buddhist monks. It is believed that this knowledge - of a different order. They are sacred and are open only to the elect. Supreme intelligence, speaking the language of philosophers, generates a lot of puzzles, including scientists, showing his wisdom.

It was found the body of Hambo Lama incorruptible Itigilova , which is said to be in the somatic state between life and death. Already 85 years old body is in a caretaker status with no signs of decomposition, and science at this stage of its development is hampered explain this phenomenon.

Acting coach Tibetan Dalai Lama is not so long ago, at the center of controversy, which again and again raises the scientific world. The dispute flared up in the camp of neurologists. The fact that a spiritual mentor intends to make a presentation at a major conference on the problems of neurology.

Attention of the scientific world has attracted the following aspect: the impact traditional meditation has on the human brain.

"... But we violate the rule of silence - the main statute in order ..."

Prejudice was not long in coming. A number of scholars, perceiving, evidently, our mission is to refute all the ways religious beliefs, have already declared their opposition to advocate for a department with the Dalai Lama at the annual meeting of the Society of Neurologists. Moreover, it has signed a petition against the participation of Buddhist representatives at the conference.

Rationale speaks for itself: "The Dalai Lama, in essence, argues that the mind and body can exist separately and go to other people, whereas it had no scientific basis. We'll talk about cells and molecules, while he intends to talk about something which really is not. "

"We can get up a slippery slope if neuroscientists begin to blur the boundaries between scientific and religious activities", - stated in the petition.

Thus, scientists are trying to prove to colleagues that theologians speak another language, and their values ​​have nothing to do with the Logos of scientific knowledge: everyone has their own truth, and it should not be confused.

However, other scientists agree that people who practice meditation classes, much better organized brain cells.Thus, the Buddhist adepts are able to concentrate for long periods at a single site and at the same time if you need to switch attention to the dozens of times faster than the average person.

The Dalai Lama, oddly enough, has always been a science, and he once remarked that if it had not stood on his chosen path of spiritual teacher, then I would go to the engineers.

It is also noteworthy that he attracted the attention of the scientific community to study the processes in practicing meditation, and a planned speech - another step towards a possible cooperation. However, the contradictions may be insurmountable, and such an opportunity may present itself the next time a very long time.

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