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Stamped "Secret." Who was actually Kyshtym dwarf Alexis?

July 21 2011

According to legend, seventeen years ago, retired from the distant Urals village near the town of kaolin Kyshtym adopted a mysterious creature allegedly does not belong to any known species on Earth. It died, the corpse was gone, and the mystery of its origin is still haunted by the researchers ...

At the cemetery near his home Prosvirina Tamara stumbled upon a tiny creature growing about 20 inches. It looked pretty ugly foundling. Most pointed head was like four beats. Crease in the middle of the face in crossing the little nose. His eyes were deprived of the pupils and iris. In addition, they are not obscured by centuries, and tumble somewhere inside your head. Ears replaced the tiny holes for a mouth - slit with two small teeth inside. Skin - abnormally white and shiny. Umbilicus absent. Limbs with flexible joints movable end with small claws.

Stamped "Secret." Who was actually Kyshtym dwarf Alexis?. 16879.jpeg An elderly woman being lodged in their homes, calling Alexis (however, no signs of sex he had not). Because of their peculiar structure of the oral cavity adopted child could not eat solid food, Tamara fed him only liquid products - milk, condensed milk and honey.

Soon, neighbors noticed that something was wrong with Prosvirina happening. She started behaving strangely, ramble. We see communication with the adoptee has done its job: how many have an old man, upset that his mind?

In the end, she found herself in a psychiatric hospital. She told doctors that she had stayed at home, "Alexis", which need to be fed, but nobody listened - all believed that the patient simply raves ...

Hunger and thirst being quietly died and turned into a mummy. Discovered it by accident. Having heard that the house is empty, there got a local thief, who wanted to profit someone else's abandoned property. Stumbling on mummified curiosity, he brought it with him, dried in the sun and put it in the fridge. As for the man there were more than one robbery, one day bestowed to him by the police. During a search of a stolen mummy found a fridge ...

The investigation has put forward several versions. On one of them, the corpse was an aborted human fetus.

Case investigator instructed police Kyshtymsky Vladimir Bendlin. He handed over the remains of a local pathologist for examination Stanislav Samoshkin. At the same time as an independent expert to investigate was involved gynecologist I. Ermolaev. And both came to an unexpected conclusion: this is not a man! Thus was born a new hypothesis: "Alexis" - an alien humanoid!

Then mummy came to ufologists, and, finally, it should be lost. There are only pictures and video. But lately, "alien" version of the origin of "Alexis" strongly shaken. Experts have found a much more earthly explanation for his appearance. Premature aging disease, progeria, or children, formally known as Hutchinson-Gilford syndrome.First, the child grows up very quickly, then there are spots on the abdomen, skin wrinkle, hair fall out and teeth, there are numerous ailments that people suffer are usually in old age - such as cardiovascular diseases. During the year the human body wears out in 10 years. Typically, this scourge affected do not survive to 20 years. Stop this process is not possible, only to slow down a bit with his special preparations - in fact the anomaly is genetic in origin.

Worldwide, there are dozens of progeria patients. Thus, a Belarusian, beginning at age 5 years to 26 years and did not differ from 80-year-old woman. The girl was found calcification of the heart, which is found only in old age.

Remember, as is usually portrayed in movies of space aliens? Little men with bony little body anemic and disproportionately large head, like a leather-covered skull of horror. Now imagine a child's face the old man's wrinkled folds Rotten toothless mouth, no hair on his head ... And yet - the tiny arms and legs because the baby had not had time to grow! What is not humanoid?

If we compare the images presented on the Internet, the legendary "Alexis", with photos of children suffering from progeria, it is easy to notice a distinct similarity.

Originally a version of the origin of "Alexis" was a genetic mutation. Kyshtym located in the zone of radioactive contamination occurring after the accident at Chelyabinsk-40 in 1957. The birth of monsters in these areas are not uncommon.

The author of this article does not dispute the possibility of presence on our planet green men. But it is possible that some humanoids have very earthly origin.

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