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Photos ... of the future

September 26 2011

Photos ... of the future. 19890.jpeg Photos and videotape are often sealed by the fact that we can not see with the naked eye - the so-called "parallel reality". This is a UFO, and ghosts, and various energy substances. And sometimes, ordinary snapshots incomprehensible way affect the destiny of man. For example, predicting its future ... And there are many examples.

As you know, any image that comes into view a man for some time remains in the form of prints on the retina. So, please take a pupil can get the photo just seen.

In 1910, a Japanese professor Tomokichi Fukarai held a series of tests with a female medium Ukuko Nagai. He recorded on film visions that arise before Ukuko to the limit of mental concentration on any subject - such as images, characters or simple drawings. And the pictures were taken without the aid of the apparatus, the medium had to work on a photographic plate. The experiment proved successful.

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In Russia, a similar phenomenon experienced doctor Krokhalev from Perm. Investigating disease patient suffering from hallucinations, he once took a picture of his eyes. In the photo revealed a round bright spot on a dark background. A patient complained that constantly saw overhead the moon in the night sky ...

American Psychologist Julius Eykzenbud also hypothesized that the film is able to capture the mental images. But he failed to test his theory, in practice, until he accidentally met a clerk of one of Chicago hotels Ted Seriosom.

A series of images was a unique eye Seriosa. True, some footage is lighted, the other did not, but some appear blurred images of objects and people who are at the moment is not located next to Ted. Often, they occupy only a portion of the frame and there have been tilted or inverted.

The scientist was glad to have found proof of the possibility to record images that arise in the retina. But it turned out that he is not quite right. The fact that the strange shots and capture in cases where the lens unit is not able to catch the focus pupil Seriosa or when he is overshadowed by the flash automatically palm.

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Further - the images were obtained and then, when Ted looked at before taking the sealed envelopes. If you lay a card in an envelope, then the photographs stood out vaguely what was depicted on it. Thus it was possible to photograph the water tower in Chicago - its image before the experiment was placed in a tight sealed envelope, but despite this, the subject took a mental image of the tower.

Similarly, Ted Serios "saw" the Cathedral of Santa Marina di Loreto, the column of Trajan, and other architectural objects, which he had never beheld in my life. It is true that many of the items they appear in a somewhat different perspective than the reproductions, or specific details differed from the original. On the envelope was located in a picture hanger air division of the Royal Canadian Police could be seen the inscription «Canadian». Mental picture is reproduced as it «Canadain», that is, two letters are />
Once Ted was asked to "take a picture" view image gift shop in Colorado called «Old Wells Fargo Express Office». What a surprise it was the experimenters, when the picture appeared the words «The Old Gold Store» - the so-called store many years ago! As the subject was able to "catch" the image of the past?
In the picture 17-year-Muscovite Gennady Vladimirova, made in 1992, see Technical marriage - seems to be spot on the developer. It looks like the broken line across the top of my head of hair.

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In September 1994, Gene got into a car accident. In the hospital he made a trepanation of the skull, but he survived. The form it has received an open head injury coincided with a spot in the picture. We can assume that the photo Gennady somehow superimposed information from the future.

No wonder the psychics and magicians often work with a portrait. On it you can learn and circumstances of human life, and to determine what he is sick, and do a love spell, and to introduce damage. He at the energy level associated with its original. Therefore, do not tear and throw away photos, as well as give them a dubious people.

How does the video cameras and can display a different dimension? The nature of the phenomenon has not yet been investigated. And most likely, the explanation lies not only in physics but also the occult sciences.

Stamped "Secret." Victims of domestic poltergeysa

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