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Scientists have uncovered the mystery of the human aura

July 19 2011

Why do some people with us is bad, and with others - good? Why do we sometimes feel an inexplicable lack of energy, and sometimes - elation? Why do people become alcoholics and drug addicts? Where are the diseases? Experts in parapsychology are convinced that our physical and psychological condition is determined, above all, the quality of our aura.

Scientists have uncovered the mystery of the human aura. 16865.jpeg This is the so-called "thin" body, on which you can have an impact with bioenergy. For example, the corruption and evil eye are nothing more than a damage aura.

- All this is in fact present in our lives - a well-known psychic and parapsychologist Anatoly Martynov. - Hex cause irritation and envy. Negative emotions are materializing in the field of the structure and influence the aura of others, sometimes even unconsciously.

What is corruption? This is a deliberate negative energy impact on the aura! If the magician has a strong enough abilities, he can send the victim pulse of energy directed to a specific organ, or to his aura as a whole. As a result of organ affects this or that disease, if the heart stops. Hence, the various "unexplained" death and disease. However, if a person has a strong defense, the response to the impact will be weak or no zero.

From negative influences from others can be eliminated by using special methods of protection. Much more dangerous astral "vampires", they say, parapsychologists. The fact is that most of us are simply unaware of their presence, and they use this to give people or connect "to them with a view to siphoning off of bioenergy.

According to the majority of researchers of bioenergy, "astral" have the ability to penetrate into the human aura, and thus affect the body and psyche. Of course, this often leads to favorable effects are not ...

Several years ago a group of researchers from the University of Cape Town has made a sensational discovery that some subtle entity controlling our minds!

With the help of the famous "Kirlian effect" images were obtained, allowing to trace the penetration of "astral" in the human aura. Scientists also found that the "astral" There are two types: the "black" and "clean." "Black" is much more active in terms of penetration. Both groups have different effect on people. "Clean" can help, "black" is often cause for their "carriers" unmotivated aggression.

Scientists have conducted several tests with people who have to "kirlianovskoy" photographs seen "share a room effect" of "black" identities. It turned out that they have very low psychophysiological stability: their reactions to the situation often seemed inadequate.

- Astral entities are often hurt the people - says the researcher Ludmila T. Fields of Energy - for example, they are just crawling swarm indoors, where a nervous atmosphere.In one case, in a kindergarten in one group of children were constantly quarreling, crying for trifling reasons. It was found in the center of a large carpet on which they played, "settled," an entity. It was she who manipulated the psychic energy of children.

- Most ethereal evil spirits attached to the place - says Lyudmila. - It can clean extrasensory means. Any parapsychologist knows how to do it. But sometimes the monsters stick to humans. This is the astral vampirism. Usually they are on bioenergetic aura of the individual through desire. The stronger a person wants something, the stronger its relationship with a vampire.

Drunkenness, drug addiction - not just a deadly habit. Alcohol and drugs saturate above all, our astral "dependents." They need a low, dark, heavy energy contained in these materials. Sometimes the help of prayer, church attendance. But one must accept it in good faith - otherwise, all actions to save it will fail. By the way, the connection with the astral vampire gradually erodes and destroys the body. Such people often feel worse, there are serious diseases, the body wears out ...

How could I not allowed to handle his astral "vampires"? First of all, says expert - to develop willpower and resist the temptations of excessive, observe moral precepts and get at least a basic knowledge in the field of parapsychology ...

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