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Occult knowledge and experiences of Joseph Stalin

June 22 2011

About the occult background of Soviet rule has been written no less than the legendary occult Third Reich. What role is played Joseph Stalin, who almost 30 years, who ruled the country, "victorious socialism"? Who was he - regular tyrant, or stood behind the unknown forces? Unfortunately, at our disposal, there are only anecdotal ...

It is known, for example, that Stalin attended Tiflis Theological Seminary, along with the future of the famous magician, philosopher and occultist Georgi Gurdjieff, and at one time was quite friendly with him. There are also suggestions that Joseph Dzhugashvili was in some kind of occult "eastern brotherhood," which consisted of Gurdjieff and his followers.

Occult knowledge and experiences of Joseph Stalin. 16750.jpeg The sources, who tell about Gurdjieff mentions a mysterious figure - a prince Nizharadze. Under this pseudonym hiding man, whose essence replaced on an energetic level, giving it a certain program, that is, in fact, turning it into a zombie ... Gurdjieff describes an expedition to the Persian Gulf , among whose members were, he and Prince Nizharadze. He mentions that the "prince" on the way fell ill with fever, because of which the travelers had to stay for a month in Baghdad. It is known that in the years 1899-1900 he worked in Tiflis Dzhugashvili geophysical laboratory, so in theory he could take part in such an expedition. And the face was covered in pockmarks of the leader - it's not the consequence of it that "Persian" fever?

Questions and causes the party nickname Stalin - Koba. The fact that the translation from Church, it means "sorcerer" or "prophet." This was the name and the Persian king Kobadesa, at the end of V century conquered Eastern Georgia. Byzantine historian Theophanes says Kobades was the great magician and head of the sect to the ideals that are close to the communist, for example, sectarian division of property equally preached to, so that was neither poor nor rich ...

In the era of Stalin's state security services to create an entire department dedicated to finding signs of extraterrestrial civilizations and ancient cultures. The Bolsheviks needed knowledge and technology that could make power invincible.

They say also that in 1941 Stalin had secretly visited the famous Moscow blessed Matrona (Matrona Dmitrievna Nikonov). According to one version, Matron said to Stalin: "The Red Rooster win. Victory will be yours. You are one of the bosses will not leave Moscow. " On the other hand - the leader slammed his fist on the forehead with the words: "Moscow does not give up, think, think, and come as Alexander Nevsky, so all of them and lead."

Used the then government and the famous seer and hypnotist Wolf Messing. They say that once Stalin summoned him and gave the following task: to get 100 000 in the bank to clean piece of paper. I had to convince the cashier that he sees a check for 100 thousand, but when the experiment was completed, and the cashier saw a blank sheet instead of a check, he suffered a heart attack ... Another task was the fact that Messing had to go to the office of the Beria without a pass, bypassing the protection. He performed it without difficulty ...

There is also evidence that the 'leader of the people "possessed magical knowledge and extraordinary abilities.No wonder the majority of portraits he is depicted with the same tube: the tobacco smoke was Stalin's magical defense, do not let the "other" into his aura. At least, so say experts, parapsychologists.

And Daniel Andreev in the "Rose of the World" claimed that Joseph V. was able to enter into a special state of trance - hohha that allowed him to see the deepest layers of the astral world. As a rule, the leader went to bed just before dawn, as the cause in his selection of the astral body, he could only at certain times - when the night is visited is running out ... In this changed even the appearance of Stalin massacred wrinkles, the skin becomes smooth, blush on the cheeks to appear ...

Hohha needed a "father of nations" to get a burst of energy, as well as to predict future events: in this way, Stalin found out what trouble or danger might threaten him, and tried to prevent them. According to Andreev, during trance, Stalin also communicated with spirits and demons. Mass executions were no more than the sacrifices these astral beings. That's because Joseph Vissarionovich managed to stay in power for as long as no one failed Soviet ruler.

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