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The woman was raped mummy

October 13 2011

The woman was raped mummy. 19979.jpeg When the police read a diary late Colette Bole, who died in his Paris apartment, they thought that this woman is crazy. After all, she believed that every night making love ... with the mummy. However, unraveling the case, police had to deal with a string of very strange and improbable circumstances.

The body of 55-year old Colette found the morning of her housemate - the 20-year-old student Oliver Belmont. He drew attention to the fact that the door to an apartment unlocked, walked in and saw the corpse of a woman on the bed in her nightgown with a face twisted macabre grimace. The reasons for the criminal case was found, as the lady died of a heart attack.

Is that Colette diary in which she depict their intimate relationship with the mummy ... But the inspector decided that she simply was not all right with his head, as sometimes happens at her age with single women. On the death of Colette told her heirs - distant relatives and Matilda Paul Cartier.

The couple decided to sell Cartier apartment of his deceased relatives, but now temporarily housed in it as their servant - a young German girl Gerda. Gerda moved to an apartment on the Rue de Pyrenees, 94, but the next morning, in tears, showed up at the house owners.

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According to the unfortunate girl, the night she could not sleep: when she dozed off, as someone climbed into her bed, bore down on her and tried to rape! Persons rapist Gerda could not see, but she thought she was a man in his underpants. However, when she turned on the light, there was no one near. This was repeated three times. Then she broke down and fled the apartment.

Another strange circumstance, which was announced by a servant, was the absence in the apartment ... a bathroom. The fact that France still preserved old houses, where the restrooms were located not in the apartments and halls, that is right on the landings, representing a wide hallways.

But in recent decades have made alterations to such buildings and equipped with private bath. It turned out that the other occupants of the fourth floor, where lived Madame Bol, the bathrooms in the apartments were available. And only in the apartment for some reason Colette was no bathroom, no toilet. Obviously, it is a common lavatory on the floor.

Meanwhile, according to a copy of the lease, the apartment was leased to the bathroom. But it was listed by the employer does not Colette Bole, and a primo Dolfi. It turns out, the wife of Cartier had no rights to the apartment!

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The matter again came to the police. We had to find out where the Primo Dolfi and where was toilet. The investigation showed that 74-year-old Italian Primo Dolfi, a lonely bachelor, lived in a mysterious apartment until March of this year, and then had disappeared. Apparently, Colette Bole rented his room, and perhaps was his mistress.

Sginuvshaya bathroom yet found - door closed plaster, wallpaper and wardrobe. But why it took her tenants walling? Soon after police received an answer to this question.The bath rests the body of a missing Primo Dolfi.

The corpse was wrapped in several layers of material and impregnated with some solutions. Despite this, he also began to decompose, so the apartment all the time there was a foul odor. The medical examiner determined that death was the result of multiple blows to the head and other body parts. Now, the police had already investigated the very real murder.

It is unlikely that the killer was one of Madame Bol. The police speculated that she had an accomplice. Indeed, according to information received from neighbors in the apartment once lived a 40-year-old Jules Bastien, half-blind invalid. He continued to visit Colette and after the disappearance of Dolfi.

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Personality Bastienne interested inspector. Although this man had seen very little, but otherwise was healthy and strong. Not be ruled out that he committed the crime. The intuition for this time did not disappoint the investigator: Jules Bastien confessed to the murder, once crossed the threshold of his office. Occasion was trivial - jealousy. Two men were jealous of Colette to each other. One day a quarrel broke out between them, they fight, and a young old man hammered to death.

Before Jules Colette and faced with the task: how to get rid of the corpse? They had the idea of ​​mummifying the body, as is written in books about ancient Egypt, and immure him in the dressing room ... But the fear is constantly pursued the murderer, and he moved down from the apartment. His mistress was left alone with the mummy ...

Jules Bastienne condemned, so that the end of this story quite banal. But at the same time it is still a lot of mysteries. For example, what a nightmare haunted Colette Bole and maid Gerd (by the way, who knew nothing about a horrible crime)? And if he does not become the cause of death of the woman? Did mummy and can really come to life?

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