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Get up and go! Miraculous Healing

October 11 2011

Get up and go! Miraculous healings. 19969.jpeg In Jakarta, dozens of patients with Indonesians, including children, come to the rail and fall across the rails in the hope that passing through them, a weak electrical current will heal their ills tormenting ... Their inspiring story of a Chinese man who so wanted to commit suicide, but as a result of allegedly was able to cure paralysis.

It is said that the Chinese fell ill a serious illness, and he was paralyzed. Since the money for treatment at the poor fellow had not, he could not find anything better to do than go to another world. To this end, the man crawled up railroad tracks and lay down on the rails, waiting for him to run over by train.

At this time on a parallel branch also took part in the rails there was little voltage, and Chinese cured of their disease!

It is not excluded that this is just a legend, but, hearing of this miracle, the poor Indonesians suffering from various diseases, we decided to follow suit so happily healed and the Chinese now practice "rail therapy." They lie on the rails, leaning against his neck and ankles, and waiting for a parallel branch will train. They did not even stop the risk - because you can be crushed! Do not confuse them and sanctions, appointed by the government for lying on the tracks - large fines and imprisonment for up to three months.

In fact, in medicine, there is a method such as cardioversion, in which electrodes stimulate with, say, a heart rhythm. Treatment of the so-called "electric" is also used in psychiatry, for example, for the treatment of severe depression. But to do it should only qualified specialists with medical education, and power must be strictly dosed elektroimpulsov. Otherwise it is difficult to predict how the resulting electric shock would affect the human body.

However, there are some interesting examples. Perhaps, many will remember how in the era of glasnost in the USSR, newspapers began to write about kranovschitse from Donetsk Julia Vorobieva Feodorovna. March 3, 1978 to Julia accident happened. At work, she accidentally touched his head to a bare cable, which is under a voltage of 380 volts. Electric shock threw the woman to the side. When examined by a doctor Vorobiev, he had no choice but to fix the death: she was not breathing, pulse absent, the skin is blackened, burned to the same left eye ... Nothing to do but to fix the death.

The body was sent to the morgue. On Monday, March 5 there were students in the practice of the Donetsk Medical Institute. One of the trainees asked to make an autopsy Vorobieva. He held the scalpel incision from vertical groin to throat. Splattered blood, and it became clear that she is alive!

When Julia came out of hospital after a long treatment, I realized what he sees ... interior standing at the bus stop women! Then it turned out that she can see the internal organs of others. She bought so-called "X-ray vision", and in color! Vorobyov learned to accurately diagnose various diseases. In the end, it turned into her profession. Apparently, an unusual talent has opened at the Julia Feodorovna was a result of terrible injuries.

But put on yourself experiments, passing through the body even though not strong level of current, hoping to become a psychic, though not recommended. No one knows what effect the current is on you. And if you not pay?

the same applies to the treatment of paralysis, it turns out, the rail current is not on rails, and on top of a hanging power lines. So be on the rails - employment of at least meaningless. If someone really healed, then it may be here and not in electricity. It is well known that if the disease is a nervous character, it is possible to exclude it, say, with the help of hypnosis. The doctor or healer simply tells the man: "Arise and go, 'and he gets up and goes. By the way, it is assumed that this is what happened many "miracle cures" of the saints and sorcerers.

Sometimes as paralysis resolves spontaneously, with fright. Most likely, this is what happened to the unfortunate Chinese. Rushing to the rails, he experienced severe stress - and paralysis was itself ... But if the damage are not nervous, but a physiological nature, the miracle becomes much more difficult.

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