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Dream Interpretation

Who dreamed prophetic dreams

October 5 2011

Who dreams of prophetic dreams. 19938.jpeg Do you believe that dreams foretell the future? It turns out that some of us are more prone to prophetic dreams, and others - less. According to astrologers, it all depends on the sign of the Zodiac under which we were born.

As you know, all the signs of the zodiac fall into one of four world elements - Water, Air, Fire and Earth. People of one element often have similar traits and preferences.

Thus, the most prophetic dreams dreams representatives of the water element: Pisces, Cancers and Scorpios.

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Fish do fine interpret dreams, whatever they were confused. Prophetic dreams Pisces are usually associated with children and romantic relationships. But not only! They always have a place gambling and lotteries.

Raki - the lucky ones! Their dreams foretell the journey or a trip to distant lands. Many dreams are related to religion and career, however, as in the following order of Water sign - Scorpio.

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The latter has prophetic dreams are scientific and educational slant. If you dream that you are taking the exam, reading a book or write a thesis - hence, have an important event.

Air signs - Gemini, Libra and Aquarius - you should not ignore the dream that affect human relationships, different schemes, and symbols. It is not excluded that sleep prompt solution of some complex tasks, will help to rediscover America or, for example, to reinvent the wheel.

This is particularly true Gemini. But the balance - the real romance, they can dream, prognostic meet future lover or sweetheart. I was lucky and Aquarius - they are able to make scientific discoveries in the dream, and to receive revelations from higher powers.

Fire signs - Aries, Leo and Sagittarius - can boast of a rich imagination , and therefore are free to order anything that you want. As will be developed in a dream event - is the future and waiting for them. Typically, the main character of prophetic dreams - they or any celebrity: politicians, generals, and artists. Prophetic for these fire signs are also dreams which featured a variety of light sources, shiny objects or flames.

Lions often dream of beautiful, but deceptive dreams. Aries and Sagittarius for meaningful dreams, where they are subject to the charms of love, travel, preoccupation with science and careers. Representatives of these characters are able to give prophecies in the global scale.

Earth signs - Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn - are not too strong in the prophetic dreams, and often even forget that they have dreamed. But they happen revelation. Taurus has a dream about food and clothing, in Virgo - the books, and various small items in Capricorn - the economic structure and utensils.All of them are often seen in a dream of animals, plants and different parts of the human body. Foresight "signs of the Earth" usually refer to concrete, practical matters, such as shopping, worries about the house or work.

By the way, parapsychologists believe that in dreams people can make choices that affect their lives.

Once, in school, Alexander had a dream that his entire family - parents, grandmother, aunt and himself - go in a big military jeep on a narrow mountain road over the precipice. Alex pleads with his father, who was sitting behind the wheel, be careful. But he drove a jeep at full speed, not paying attention to the words of his son. Finally, the car breaks down and flies down the cliff ...

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Alas, the dream was not accidental. Soon Sasha's father left the family, but after a while my grandmother died ... He suffered a long time afterwards: "And if I had changed the situation if in a dream? If I could persuade his father to slow down? "

Dreamer is possible to give a few tips:

1. If you dream of something insistently demand, do not agree under any circumstances, even if you promise to return all the blessings of peace, or simply being blackmailed.

2. Accept help from those who experienced the dream, but if it turns out you unselfishly.

3. If you are haunted by explicitly hostile forces, tell them: "Do not touch me!" The enemies disappear, or at least become less active .

4. If the dream "that something is not right", remember that the reason for this may lie in you. Perhaps it is you personally feel a sense of guilt, fear, hatred or frustration, and dreams merely reflect your inner world.

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