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Ghost Town: everyone has their own grief

October 30 2007

Over the past few days, Moscow is completely immersed in a dense fog. Morning and evening, one can hardly see anything farther than ten meters. Wander through the city to touch the ghostly silhouettes, somewhere in the midst of the fog lights wander machines, all through the fog, it seems quite different and a bit sinister. Moscow seemed to be transformed into a ghost town. But there are places on earth, much more suited to this definition, than the bustling metropolis, a few chained weather conditions.

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Scattered around the world have long abandoned and forgotten city. Residents left of them, though, at one point, leaving the household utensils in their places, the sheets on the beds. Many such places are deprived of their population most often due to some economic factors, the progress or catastrophe, such as, for example, one of the most famous ghost towns of Pripyat. If the drive is the name of the search string, you can see a lot of photos, read lots of publications about the city. But it is necessary to expand the boundaries a little by trying to define a more general search criteria and you can get truly enormous amount of information to leave the city, with each of them linked their tragedy, legend, and mystical history.

In America, ghost towns began to appear after shlynuvshego interest in coal mining. Mass settlement was formed around the mines opened, people gathered there and then, when she faded away, just leave this place. Now all over America are almost untouched villages with wooden houses, the facades of which are hanging flags, and local motels are still tucked rotten sheets. But not all cities were leaving on such a trivial reason. There are a Pennsylvania mining town of Centralia. Forty years ago it was an ordinary provincial town, where almost all the people working at the local mine. These settlements are very fond of describing in his writings, American writers from the south. But once a quiet idyll came to an end. During the planned burning of rubbish fire spread to the mine, which it began a terrible fire, which began to unravel under the ground. Some of the locals and killed, when under their feet suddenly razverzsya asphalt, and they fell into a steaming nothing. Residents closest to the mine buildings were evacuated almost immediately, while those who lived farther later fled the city themselves. Now in Central still be very dangerous because there is still a raging underground fire, periodic failures and the risk of soil poisoned with poisonous fumes. The few old-timers, who simply had nowhere to go, saying that the winter is especially clearly seen, as from the numerous cracks in the asphalt lumps smoke curling into the frosty air. Incidentally, this place was one of the prototypes of "Silent Hill" - the cursed city of the same game and, now, film. In "Silent Hill" also hangs the constant smoke haze due to underground fires, and the sky is strewed ashes. Only coined the developers city harbors its nooks crowds of monsters and preserves the memory of the horrible deaths, unlike its real counterpart, which, of course, no monsters there.

In general, now in America, organized tours to ghost town. They are called «Oh, my God-Road» (road, "Oh my God"), because these words often uttered the tourists when they first saw the abandoned settlements. On each of the cities included in the tour guide recounts. And with each of them one way or another, connected any tragedy. For example, emerged in 1848 Mokelyumn town, founded by two Irishmen, who found a gold sand. At that time, America was gripped gold rush in the city rushed to the most diverse audience.From ordinary miners to gangsters. In the end, Mokelyumn was a typical town of the western. In it, all the time of its existence, had been killed and more than 39 sheriffs, thousands of ordinary citizens, embroiled in the carnage of hunters for gold. Until now, this city is considered the bloodiest in all of California.

An even more terrifying events that could be a cause for horror, took place in the town of Paria, Utah. In 1863, members of the sect "Wings of Christ" was set on fire there two apartment buildings, which killed 18 people. The problem is that all decided, as if this involved the Mormons. And throughout the city massacres began. Embittered by the Mormon people were caught and executed on the spot. When the carnage had subsided, the city began to assume a cursed and local residents took the most necessary, quickly abandoned it. Now many of these cities are not only used for excursions, but U.S. intelligence agencies, where they spend teaching.

In Russia, the ghost towns are usually obtained from a variety of military closed cities or some industrial settlements. The military closed the city to appear for the most part during the Cold War and, later, during the arms race. After shlynuvshego the government interest in such things, the city stopped financing, forget about them, and people gradually went home from them in all directions. Some places are initially carried in themselves a semblance of evil rock and a bad omen. For example, pgt Halmer Yu, whose name in Nenets sounds like "Valley of the Dead." Nomadic herders were brought here their deceased relatives to be buried here and, considering it a sacred place. In the late 50's is the place began to explore the Soviet coal mines. Later on around him and grew mining town with a population of more than 7,000 people. But later, with the transition to a market economy, this venture proved unprofitable and the village began to be forgotten. In 1993, the Russian government closed the mine and began to resettle the village. Final disposition of Halmer-Yu held with the participation of riot police. Residents forcibly taken out of houses, vylamyvaya door. Last time, the public heard about the abandoned settlement in 2005 when it tested the accuracy of the Russian military aviation.

In other parts of the globe can find even more frightening place. As an example, the city of San Zhi in the outskirts of Taipei (Taiwan). Originally it was built as a resort for wealthy citizens, but during the construction going on a lot of accidents with fatal consequences, and, eventually, people refused because of that live in it. Locals say the town is cursed and is not fit to dwell there are real people. Also, they say that ghosts wander among the buildings lost during the construction people. And since, according to local beliefs to destroy the Dead souls can not be a haven, the city is well worth it, to this day, attracting photographers and particularly eccentric tourists wishing to verify the correctness of the locals.

Around abandoned places never ceases interest. Abandoned hospital, dormitories, factories continue to attract the attention of people wanting to learn more about the reasons for which they have left. The more interesting they become, when they are associated with some sad or mysterious events. Some, such as the Belgian photographer Henk Van Rensburg , devote themselves entirely abandoned the study of local ghosts, trying to show others their peculiar romance and beauty. Which they, incidentally, for some inexplicable reasons are many.

Gregory Tumanov


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