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Culture and civilization came from "countries of Mu

September 29 2008

About Atlantis heard almost everything, but few know of the existence between America and Asia "lost continent of Mu." Appear from this great continent whose center was located just south of the equator, there were only scattered across the Pacific rocky islands.

"Continent of Mu" possibly located in the vast space between the Hawaiian Islands in the north and the Fiji Islands in the south. Some researchers have described him as a beautiful tropical country with pastures and cultivated fields. Lived there 64 million people, united into 10 tribes.

Representatives from all three races lived separately, but subordinate to one of power - "power builders of temples and palaces of stone, sailors, conducting round the world trip and left behind inscriptions and legends in different countries, from China to the Middle East", as the author of the book "Secrets Mexican pyramids, "Peter Tompkins (Peter Tompkins).

British colonial army colonel James Cherchuord specified that before the "country of Mu" has disappeared in the ocean depths, in South America there was a great civilization in the area of the Tiwanaku and the Incas - "people are not prehistoric, but the people resulting from the mixing of the Mayan Indian Quiche, moved to Peru, from Guatemala, with a local Indian tribe Aymara.

Over 20 thousand years before Christ, who was born in Atlantis Osiris got to the "country of Mu, Lemuria or otherwise. From the tablets, which Cherchuordu shown on Tibet, it followed that Osiris was reimposed in Atlantis primordial religion of love, the high priest he became. With Atlantis religion of Osiris was transferred to Egypt Thoth about 16 thousand years ago. As is evident from the plates, this religion is literally coincide with the teachings of Christ, and from Moses created the doctrine of monotheism. This coincides with evidence of Russian writer and religious philosopher Merezhkovski Dmitry, who claimed that "Christianity began fleeing to Egypt, and if Christianity is not over, again, Christ is born in the hearts of men, he again flees to Egypt."

Cherchuord wrote that Lower Egypt was settled by colonists from the "country of Mu, who came through the country of the Maya and Atlantis, that is from the west, while the inhabitants of Upper Egypt, came here from the country of Mu" by Burma and India - from the north. Last, the story of Le Plonzhona, were known as "naked." With them, some scientists have linked the birth of civilization in Mesopotamia. Civilization of the ancient Greeks, Sumerians, Iranians, Egyptians and Indians came from a culture of "countries of Mu."

As a captive in Babylon, the ancient Jews had an opportunity there for free to learn at school "space science". Completely retell the concept Cherchuorda is not enough space. The idea of the existence of the country Mu supports most prominent American clairvoyant Edgar Cayce. Deep in the jungles of Yucatan, was found relief, which shows erupting volcano collapsing temple as a pyramid, drowning people and people who are fleeing by boat. Snapshot of the bas-relief found in the already mentioned book by Peter Tompkins, and the original photo is owned by Robert B. Stacy-Judd.

The idea that the Phoenicians and other "offshore" people crossed the Atlantic long before Columbus, was shocked over the years many researchers.her. Original idea to explain unusual similarities between architecture, sculpture and artifacts, Central America and Asia, Africa and Europe offered Le Plonzhon: colonists from the Mayan swam to the west of Central America and the developed civilization Polynesia, Indochina, Burma, India, Persian Gulf, Babylonia and Egypt - and all this for a few millennia BC (!).

In support of his hypothesis scientist quoted Indian poet and sage Valmiki, who lived in IV - III centuries. BC, which in the epic Ramayana, describing the conquest of ancient times, the southern part of Indochina Peninsula tribe of the great navigators. They are famous for their martial art, the beauty of its women and inexhaustible treasure. Le Plonzhon suggested that "naked" in Valmiki was actually the ancient Maya. He cited the words of the Chaldean historian Berosus that the civilization in Mesopotamia brought Oannes, who arrived from the Persian Gulf, and drew attention to the fact that oaana on the Mayan language means "one who lives in the water."

Le Plonzhon added that the arrival of the ancient Chaldeans in Mesopotamia has historically coincided with the emergence of writing, the construction boom and the development of science, especially astronomy. In fact, all this occurred in 4 3 rd millennium BC by the Sumerians and Chaldeans came out of Arabia until the end of the 2 nd millennium BC, gradually perceiving the ancient Sumerian culture. Because of such a "distortion of" facts on the certificate, caste of professional historians has stopped paying attention. In turn, the researcher complained that none of Americanist, who claims to be the authority in the field of paleography of America, can not with certainty be interpreted more than 12 characters Maya, and none of them can not translate the whole sentence.

Adoption Le Plonzhona that he guessed the totem "Queen Mu" in the form of a bird-eating heart, and a totem of her brother and her husband Prince Aaka - in the form of a turtle, as well as the fact that their story could be the source of the Egyptian myth of Isis and Osiris - a now completely refuted by the Americanists, until genetic research.

Igor Bukker


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