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"Dinosaur hunters" obsessed with the Loch Ness monster and African Nink Nanka

July 29 2006

Fossil remains of Australia's "Nessie" have been found in southern Australia. Scientists believe that the bones belong to the plesiosaur, which was very much like the mythical Loch Ness monster, supposedly inhabit Scotland.

Palaeontologists have found that Australia was the birthplace of the ancient reptiles that lived here 115 million years ago. Fossils, discovered by scientists, provide compelling evidence that these carnivorous dinosaurs lived in large lakes. I recall that in those days the green continent of more than half was covered with water, say experts.

One of the dinosaurs has been identified as Umoonasaurus demoscyllus. This reptile reached 2.4 meters in length and had crests on its head - an important element for attracting sexual partners, according to paleontologists.

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"Imagine a dinosaur with four flippers, a short tail and small head, which is crowned by a long neck", - says Dr. Benjamin Coeur, by opening (University of Adelaide, Australia).

Another type, Opallionectes andamookaensis, reached 5 meters in length and had small needle like teeth.

Skeletal remains were found near the mining town of Coober Pedy, famous throughout the world that there are large deposits of opals, said BBCNews.

The fossils include several skeletons and a skull Umoonasaurus, as well as part of the skeleton Opallionectes.

Scientists believe that marine dinosaurs swam from the sea for breeding. While Australia has been quite cold, and domestic Australian sea was frozen. The researchers suggest that dinosaurs had special metabolic adaptation, and perhaps they were entirely warm-blooded. Dinosaurs lived on fish and squid.

Meanwhile, a group of British "dinosaur hunters" went to the Gambia. They plan to find the mysterious creature known as Ninki-nanka. Folklore in West Africa is replete with myths about the green animal with a horse's head and crest on the back.

Team leader Richard Freeman told Cryptozoology BBC, that the evidence of this unique sketchy, as most people died after a meeting with him.

Local residents differ in their descriptions Ninki-nanka. Some say that he looks like a crocodile, others argue that it is like a snake, others suggest that there is a monster of the wings. However, hunters do not consider that wasted time and money.

Cryptozoology - a field of study devoted to a targeted search for animals (kriptid), whose existence is not proven, or is impossible (eg, Loch Ness monster, Bigfoot).

The team interviewed the superintendent of the National Park-West Kiang (Kiang West National Park), who spoke about his meeting with Ninki-nanka three years ago. According to him, it was a huge green creature reaches 50 meters in length.

Hunters found the superintendent a few pictures with images on them reptiles and mythical creatures.Of the proposed illustrations he chose drawing Chinese dragon.

This information excited the minds of cryptozoologists and they began to prepare the expedition.

Artem Nedoluzhko, an employee of Sciences

The Source: CNN

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