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Vaccine against radiation: Scientists are struggling to radiation on Earth and in space

April 26 2006

Radiation ... invisible and insidious. For the first time know about it in 1986 with the opening of the French scientist Henri Becquerel. Today, the phenomenon of radioactivity is widely used in science, engineering, medicine and industry. Radioactive elements of natural origin are present everywhere in the human environment.

In large volumes produced artificial radionuclides, mainly as a byproduct in the defense industry and atomic energy. Once in the environment, they have effects on living organisms , in what is their risk, including for humans. Exposure can cause metabolic disorders, infectious complications, leukemia and malignant tumors, radiation sterility, radiation cataract, radiation burns, radiation sickness.

And now, a sensation, a resident of Vladikavkaz, Sc.D. Vyacheslav Maliev said that he created a new drug from the exposure. Vaccine significantly reduce the level of radiation exposure on living organisms, already tested on animals and compared with American counterparts. However, the scientist, his discovery of a revolutionary is not considered.

Vyacheslav Maliev created a vaccine in his private laboratory. Developments interested representatives from NASA . They create an effective anti-radiation serum has not yet obtained.

The results of studies of new vaccines have been staggering. Rats vaccinated with American money, has already died on the fourth day, and their relatives, to introduce the vaccine produced in Russia, all survived. Behind them and then observed for 60 days. During all this time had died just one rat, and then - not from radiation, but of pneumonia.

"Irradiation in the mammalian body is formed of radiation antigen. In other words, a substance that causes the whole drama of the events and the pathogenesis, ie the mechanism of radiation sickness. We introduce our vaccine animal or human in the body begin to produce antibodies to this antigen, radiotherapy, and subsequent irradiation, when there is a formation of the beam of antigen, the existing body of an organism will specifically bind this image beam antigen. Thus, we break the chain formation of radiation damage ", - says Vyacheslav Maliev.

In the near future Vyacheslav Maliev going to find out how antiradiation vaccine on people. Scientists have far-reaching plans. He expects that the vaccine will be used during long space missions, for professionals working in nuclear power plants, for ordinary residents of those settlements that are located near nuclear power plants.

According to scientists, this vaccine will help prevent the birth of sick animals, as it was in 1987 after the Chernobyl accident. Moreover, in theory, the vaccine may help in the treatment of cancer. The inventor explained that the release and use of the drug must be under full state control. Complete laboratory testing and certification of a vaccine against radiation Vyacheslav Maliev plans in the next two years.

Incidentally, six years ago, Krasnoyarsk scientist Alexander Golouninervym in the world was pure melanin - a substance that can protect humankind from the effects of radiation.

Melanin is - black pigment found in human skin, his hair in the eye pupils. For the body material is absolutely necessary, do not be it - there would be no life. Melanin is a protective function, and the more black the more reliable barrier against radiation. It is found in animal hair, bones in the grapes, mushrooms, and even in the blackened potatoes

Biochemists believe that melanin - the most active, powerful weapons in the world in combating the effects of radiation. It is able to save not only the specific person, but to keep his offspring, his ancestral code. Melanin in the creams and ointments are widely used in Japan, France and Britain - for the treatment of skin cancer.

"After the Chernobyl disaster - says a leading researcher of the Krasnoyarsk Institute of Chemistry and Chemical Technology, Dr. Alexander Golounin - in Belarus tried to develop technology for producing melanin. In the same experiments were conducted on animals: mice were fed with radioactive cesium, one - with the addition of melanin, the other - without them. And it turned out that in mice that received the melanin content of cesium decreased by ten times! This problem involved biologists, in particular - a biochemist, Dr. Irma Massa from Minsk. She came to me and because I have worked with similar objects. In principle, melanin can get any organic chemist. Another thing - to be able to clean, separate in its original form, without any impurities. Until now it was possible to nobody, and me - just got lucky. "

However, to the point where melanin has been received, it appeared that he seems to be no longer needed. Although it is worth about a thousand times cheaper than natural gas. "The problem - sverhsereznaya, - says Alexander, - so the approach should be the state and the state - no reaction."

Meanwhile, the interest of foreign scholars to such developments is quite understandable. They are ready for any tricks to make a safer space flights for its astronauts.

A couple of years ago in the bowels of NASA's idea to place inside the living cell biosensors space empire the size of a molecule. And then the cells of astronauts will alert their owners that their health is in danger.

It works like this: nano-sensors embedded inside the cells and the appearance of signs of trouble, such as the invasion of the virus begin to glow - this signal capture devices.

Thus, scientists are going to solve the problem of the need to combat cosmic radiation, one of the main obstacles to a manned mission to Mars .

Another option to solve this problem suggested two British doctor Colin Makgakin and Nico Forraz. Cosmic radiation can destroy cells that protect the astronaut from diseases like cancer. These anti-cancer cells can be extracted from the umbilical cord.

Makgakin Forraz and hope to find a way to increase the number of these cells, or perhaps learn how to maintain them and implement astronaut to return to Earth

oktora intend to combine the blood cells from umbilical cord blood and bone marrow stem cells from adult human tissue to grow new tissue. They expect that the properties of this fabric are improved in zero gravity.

Materials: NTV,, Labor, Membrana

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