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Giant squid pursuing submarines

November 23 2006

Oceans continues to present surprises. Researchers unknown seriously interested in the phenomenon of the distant underwater echo, which resembles the croaking of frogs.

Multiplier "false croaking" increasingly captures many sonar submarine nuclear-powered ships. A curious fact - those who heard them, felt an inexplicable, but the distinct feeling that the sound is made consciously, not by the will of the animal instincts of a certain underwater.

Impression that "croaking" objects are trying to establish with passing over them submarines contact. Continuously varying bearing dictated that they circled around the submarine, but by changing the tone, frequency signals, as if summoned the inhabitants of the submarine to the dialogue, actively responding and reacting to sonar signals in their direction.

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For some time the sound sources was accompanied by submarine, and then disappeared without a trace. Aggression on their part not stated, by contrast, the submariners intuitively felt that the "huge invisible frogs" specially emphasize their peacefulness.

During the Cold War Command of the Soviet Navy in the submarine fleet was formed research group, which tried to clarify the nature of the phenomenon.

With the advent of 80-ies program code-named "Quaker" was suddenly stopped, and the research team was disbanded. The reasons for such haste, as well as the results of the research completely hidden and hitherto, and the results of the work is marked 'Top Secret ".

In one version of "Quakers" unknown to science giant squid arhitevrisy. Also it may be sub-giant eels or plesiosaur, sensory organs, which work in an acoustic band. Arhitevrisy can make submarines for their main enemies - the sperm whale.

By the way, not so long ago, a team of New Zealand fishing trawler, like the heroes of Jules Verne fished seven-meter giant squid. When they lifted him on board, he squid was already dead.

Until recently, the existence of sea monsters called into question, but now the reality of these monsters can convince anyone visiting the exposition of the "Monsters of the deep sea", which opened the Melbourne aquarium.

Of course, the main character of the exhibition was the hero of the exhibition - the same giant squid, which the rangers gave pet name Archie. To preserve its carcass was frozen in a huge block of ice. But the visitors the impression that the seven-monster is about to break out of its icy trap. Archie looks like a living, and if watching his huge eyes of visitors.

The first evidence that the huge squid exist in reality, appeared in 1854, when in the hands of the Danish scientist got a piece of the jaw of one of the representatives of this species. But for 150 years at the disposal of biologists were only a few dead specimens of cephalopods, a living giant squid because no one ever saw. Naturally, this fact only added mystique to seagoing monsters.

The first photograph of the mysterious monster managed a team of Japanese researchers. It is sensational to the scientific world event happened only last year. The scientists filmed eight-squid in the North Pacific Ocean, after luring him into a trap at a depth of 900 meters specially prepared bait.

Constantine Dyatlov

On materials:, RBC

Константин Дятлов

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