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Contact with other worlds: those who took a hand Lovecraft?

February 23 2007

This year marks 70 years since the founder's death "literature of horror" Howard Phillips Lovecraft. Great Borges called him the most enigmatic genius of culture of the twentieth century. Iris Murdoch believed that Lovecraft wrote his books in a state of mystical trance, and his hand was taken natives of other worlds.

Lovecraft considered to be the final person of the great classics of mystical trio of American literature, which includes the Edgar Allan Poe and Ambrose Bierce. All three geniuses of fate in many ways similar - intense creative combustion and early death, which is rather mysterious circumstances. But if Poe and Bierce received some recognition during his lifetime, then Lovecraft was not.

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Almost all the 47 years Lovecraft lived in Rhode Island, in the town of Providence - one of the darkest places of New England. All my life I suffered from bad heredity. His father, a trader perfume, got in a psychiatric hospital, when the future writer was two years old. A mother to 14 years forced Howard to wear women's clothes, which could not affect his psycho-emotional state.

All his masterpieces Lovecraft, published in 1921-1936, in the small-wing magazine, mystic, most of which came out minuscule circulation and quickly cease to exist. Custom publishing projects - such as newspaper Conservative - collapsed after a couple of months. The writer tried to join in the literary life of America through correspondence with writers and critics - Epistolary heritage Lovecraft has more than 9,000 letters! But no known outside her native Providence writer never received.

"Lavkraftovsky boom burst in the mid-50's, when published in one volume the best things a writer for a couple of weeks, began in the U.S. national bestseller. Soon a book of Lovecraft have been translated into major world languages, as Hollywood began its film adaptation, but none of them did not become successful.

Top minds of that time - Borges, Camus, Sartre, Heidegger and others - were shocked by the unusual ideas and the power of speech lavkraftavskoy prose. They marveled at how convincing the American genius showed that close to normal, presumed to be the real world there is another world full of evil, horror and death. And this other world, constantly encroaching on the personal life and destiny, at any time may well be a nonstop flow of earthly life and completely destroy it.

Martin Heidegger was struck by the fact that Lovecraft created his books "metaphysical horror" just in those years when he worked on his great book "Being and Time", which many see as a major philosophical work of the twentieth century. It Heidegger put forward the thesis of existential loneliness, abandoned in an alien and hated his universe. Human suffering, understands the futility and senselessness of the whole world, since any goals and aspirations eliminates death.

Intellectuals all over the world discussed the clear historical and philosophical conception of Lovecraft. According to the concept of the writer, the man - not the first sentient race that has existed on Earth. Before humankind populated the planet essentially completely terrible, from our point of view, the kind that embody a truly universal evil.

avkraft thought and very convincingly show that the race of these terrible beings have not gone away - they are simply because of unexplained reasons, hid in the depths of the oceans and Antarctica. It was last Lovecraft saw a concentration of metaphysical evil, and extremely afraid that commenced in 20 of the last century, studies of the sixth continent may incite life asleep dozens and even hundreds of thousands of nightmares.

In addition, Lovecraft believed that the essence of evil and live in the depths of the ocean, constantly keeping in touch with their "agents" who are found especially in depressed historic cities. One of the centers of such a connection, he believed the city of New England, which, incidentally, after the death of Lovecraft has become more depressing and mystical.

According to Borges, the most terrifying and significant philosophical masterpieces Lovecraft should consider the following story - "The Call of Cthulhu", "Colour Out of Space", "The Dunwich nightmare," "The Whisperer in Darkness", "Moroka over Insmutom," "The Outer Limits of times" and "Mountains of Madness", as well as ultraboundary poetic cycle "Fungi from Yuggoth. A great British novelist Iris Murdoch was confident that many of his books Lovecraft wrote literally dictated disembodied entities, which thus gave to mankind to know that the era of his life on earth comes to an end.

Iris Murdoch was not only a novelist but also a philosopher and historian of literature. She was shocked transpersonal crisis, what happened to a student of Freud and the psychology of the unconscious reformer Carl Gustav Jung, winter 1916-17 period. Then Jung always been disembodied entity, but one of them, who presented the second-century Gnostic Basilides, dictated quite scary text "Seven sermons to the dead, the spirit is very reminiscent of Lovecraft's writings.

Schizophrenia - a way to know the unknown?

Iris Murdoch noted that in the years 1959-61 Jung letters more than once expressed the opinion that their gloomy book Lovecraft could take a couple of supernatural beings, who provided him with information from other space-time continuum. According to Murdoch, the most intriguing is felt in a poetic cycle "Fungi from Yuggoth", written by Lovecraft in 1929.

Murdoch drew attention to the fact that all 36 of the cycle of sonnets actually painted psychedelic trip, mostly extremely negative properties. And the name itself, which has no connection with the images of any of the sonnets, suggests about the use of psychedelic mushrooms by Lovecraft, which are an integral part of the mystical culture of the peoples of Mexico and Central America.

However, in 20 of the last century, Lovecraft, never went anywhere from Rhode Island, could not have known about these fungi. Their research began only in the late 40-ies, and the book leading mycologists spouses Uossonov "Mushrooms, Russia and the history of the soma was published only in 1957.

Even more surprising felt Iris Murdoch's 32nd sonnet cycle, called "alienation". She expertly told that it accurately conveys the impression and impact of the so-called "LSD trip" that arises after taking the now widely banned hallucinogen LSD-25. Here is the text of the sonnet in a splendid translation by Oleg Michkovskogo:

Bodily remaining on Earth
What a witness - ashy dawn
In spirit he wandered among the planets,
Entering the worlds that lie in wickedness.
Until the hour, he was lucky:
He saw Yaddit and gray,
From Gursky areas returned intact,
But one night brought the call of ...
The next morning he woke up old,
and the world he appeared quite different -
Subjects blurred, like a smoke,
All life seemed like a dream and a trifle.
Since then, he holds near to strangers
In vain trying to become one of them.

zumlenie Murdoch divided and the largest of the psychedelic experience researcher Timothy Leary. He also informed the writer a wonderful thing. Scientific concern "Sandoz" Albert Hoffman synthesized LSD-25 in 1937 (two days after the death of Lovecraft), but discovered the unique properties of the drug April 16, 1943. Re-verify these studies six years ago Hoffman suddenly decided after a heavy night of nightmarish dreams, which takes place in Antarctica.

The Source: CNN.

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