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In England, there were cat-mutants

December 22 2009

Recently in some areas of the UK began to appear being very similar to normal cats, but it is too large in size. Thus, rural women Moira Jenny Worthington photographed by a mobile fingerprint paws. Judging from the shape of the trace, the length of the claws of this kitty is about 5 cm

Jenny Worthington says that far from the place where the photo was taken, she was walking with the dog and saw a creature, like a panther. "Giant cat appeared in rural Britain before. Animals behave aggressively and cause fear in people.
Local people believe that they have an otherworldly origin. And some of the villagers and did believe that this visit from outer space.

There is even a society "Big cats and aliens United Kingdom", whose members are engaged in research of the phenomenon and track cases of the appearance of mysterious animals. Recently, a representative of this company in West Fife, Bob Wallace told of such incidents.

A man walking a dog along with his 8-year-old son in the lower Vellifilde, when the beam of his flashlight glinted off a pair of attentive eyes. He thought it was some sort of strange dog, and told his son to take his dog on a leash, fearing that they may peredratsya. Deciding to check out, he went in that direction and again turned on the flashlight.

Just three meters away from him on a tree branch sat a hefty cat. The tail of a cat tossed from side to side, and a man at once vividly remembered childhood. As he then took out his aunt's cat, and that exactly rushing tail before throwing in the attack. According to an eyewitness, the animal was dark brown in color, more than a meter in length including the tail, and closely resembled in appearance the North American puma.

Another resident of the West Fife has taken out for a walk in a wheelchair, his daughter. He claims that he saw a cat the size of a Rottweiler or a Doberman, drinking from a puddle.

Miracle cats are watching not only in rural areas. Thus, in the London suburb Saydenhem for several years now some huge animal attacks on ordinary cats. For example, a former member of Tony Holder with difficulty rescued the cat from polutorametrovy black beast, climbing into his garden. During a fight with an animal, Tony has received numerous bites and scratches.

Enigmatic creature seen in these places more than once. It received the nickname saydenhemskoy Panthers. Recently, she again manifested itself. According to British newspaper The Sun, 32-year-old Sarah Hill, walking with her 8-month-old son Archie, stumbled upon the mutilated remains of a cat. The skin and meat of an animal were completely stripped from the bones, one head remains intact ...

"Not otherwise it was attacked by a big black cat, because no known animal I could not mess things up this - says Sarah. - The dog would have ripped the cat to pieces, and the fox would have eaten. I am very concerned that such an animal roams somewhere nearby. "

Mark Fraser, of the research group "Big cats and aliens UK says:" We need to gather more evidence, but it is likely that the murder was committed was a big cat. Beast, and had not previously seen in this area. "

Dariya Lyubimskaya

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