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Unannounced visit: how to behave when meeting with a UFO

July 22 2006

Unidentified flying object or UFO. Under this ominous acronym originally concealed any unidentified phenomenon, observed in the atmosphere. Today, the UFO is most often associated with space vehicles of extraterrestrial intelligence, reports of the appearance of which, almost daily appear in the pages of the world press.

The most complete definition of a UFO researcher has known unknown Joseph Allen Hynek: "The perception of an object or light, visible in the sky or on the earth's surface phenomenon, a phantom, the trajectory, the overall dynamics and the nature of the emission is not being logical, conventional explanation, is a mystery not only for witnesses, but remains unexplained even after careful study of all available evidence specialists, capable, if possible, to identify the phenomenon in terms of common sense. "

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According to the international UFO organization "Contact international", observed the following forms of UFOs:

1) round: the disk-shaped (with domes, and without them) in the form of inverted plates, bowls, saucers or a rugby ball (the dome, and without him), in the form of two plates put together (with two bulges, and without them); shlyapoobraznye ( with domes, and without them), similar to the bell in the form of a sphere or a ball (with a dome and without it) like the planet Saturn, ovoid or grushepodobnye; bochkopodobnye, like an onion or a gyroscope;

2) oblong: raketopodobnye (with fins and without them); torpedoobraznye; cigar (without the dome, with one or two domes), cylindrical, rod-like, spindle-shaped;

3) pointed: Lombardy, in the form of normal or truncated cone, resembling a funnel, darts, in the form of a flat triangle (with a dome and without); rhomboid;

4) rectangular: bruskopodobnye; in the form of a cube or parallelepiped in the form of a flat square and rectangle;

5) unusual: mushroom, toroidal with a hole at the center, kolesopodobnye (with spokes and without them), cross-shaped, deltoid, shaped V.

UFO Hypotheses of origin:

Extraterrestrial Hypothesis. According to this, the most common hypothesis is that UFOs are extraterrestrial spaceships. There is information on which the idea of extraterrestrial origin of UFOs deliberately spread among the masses in order to discourage scientists from studying the UFO phenomenon.

The idea of parallel worlds. Lets explain the sudden disappearance of objects, as well as the ability of newcomers to go through various objects, walking on the walls in a horizontal position. According to some researchers, such frequent UFO sightings in recent years due to the nuclear tests, which carry people. Neighbours from a parallel world, thus to prevent a loss of the Earth.

The Time Machine. According to this hypothesis, the UFO is nothing like a time machine, controlled by people of the future. This version explains the reluctance of the UFO to get in contact with people, as well as cases of sudden appearance and disappearance of objects in front of witnesses.

Live UFOs.One of the most well-known phenomenon of witnesses, Kenneth Arnold, at the end of life came to the conclusion that UFOs - it is nothing like living creatures that inhabit the earth's atmosphere, a sort of "air jellyfish.

New top-secret aircraft. Some documents suggest that attempts to build a disk-shaped aircraft have been committed in Nazi Germany. By the way, interesting fact that in the nineteenth century were shaped UFO mainly airships, in the middle of the twentieth century - the missiles, and now - the spacecraft.

Psychological phenomenon. It is known that the study of UFO phenomenon to the famous psychologist Carl Gustav Jung. His conclusions were reflected in the book "Modern myth of the" heavenly signs.

Evil Spirit. Many researchers compared the behavior of UFOs and the creatures that appear with them with all sorts of mythological creatures of ancient times. For example, the fairies loved to kidnap people, with UFO sightings often felt cold, sometimes - the smell of sulfur, which is characteristic of demonic entities.

Impact of UFOs.
Nowadays there are, however, rarely, cases of unknown objects while flying over populated areas are the massive destruction of buildings, uprooted trees, and so recorded a wide variety of effects on various types of UFO technology: from a harmless rotation arrows compasses to death aircraft.

The force fields generated by these objects, can temporarily disrupt electrical and mechanical clock work radio systems, weapons control and even power entire cities and cause a stop of internal combustion engines, and finally draw the objects heavy objects.

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Ufology has repeatedly stated that the UFO like to hang over the lines of power transmission lines. It seems that aliens are very interested in the power supply system earthlings. It is possible that it was a UFO was the cause of major accidents when large industrial and residential areas remained without electricity.

Impact of UFOs in animals is manifested primarily in the fact that they sometimes feel in advance the approach of these objects. It happens that a few minutes before the UFO Dogs begin to bark, and all animals are often extremely disturbing.

The physical effects of UFOs on the people is manifested only when flying or hovering these objects at low altitude or when approaching witnesses to the objects landed.

Fixed, for example, individual cases of flying or hovering at low altitude objects their fields or beams caused temporary paralysis in humans of a special kind, in which they stood quite still and could not move at full consciousness and all sensation, that is, their central nervous system remained unaffected. Sometimes, before the paralysis of the witnesses felt like an electric shock. After 2-3 minutes after the flight or takeoff UFO paralysis quickly. There are cases when a close encounter with a UFO summoned people immediate loss of consciousness and even death.

How to behave when meeting with a UFO.
A well-known expert in the field of security and survival Anatoly Gostyushin suggests the following relationship with UFOs:

Do not become the very cause of extreme situation. Do not play with magic charms, fortune telling, seances, mental and physical exercises. Do not look for adventures in the anomalous zones. Curious thrill may be much sharper than you can tolerate.

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- Not to enter into talks with suddenly appearing voices, images, and "aliens". Shut off starting contact. Become a "thick-skinned, incurious man. Get plenty of skepticism and self-esteem - "Humanoid" like the faint of heart. Avoid places where there was first contact situation.

- Apply to thousand-year experience of the Church. Prayers, service in the temple, talk to a priest to help not only earnestly believer man.

- If you engage in any mental and physical exercises, they immediately stop. Go to the bath. Refer to the ufologists for help.

- If you see a UFO blue or blue glow - save his eyes, as from the light spot welding; a careless observer (more than five minutes) had visual impairment (sometimes longer), other painful manifestations.

- Do not approach the UFO landing site, do not try to act as a "representative of humanity." If you're in the car, try to pass by or turn around. If the engine stalled, stay or go - decide on the situation. After some time the machine can start the engine. Do not spit in my thoughts - can follow a mirror response.

- Notify the incident to the police or service GO. Contact ufologists. If you have something to show the photographer, call the local newspaper or television studio.

- Now paint the object. To avoid mistrust in the future, exchange addresses and phone numbers of other witnesses of the event. If possible, cordon off the site or the indirect effects of UFOs, do not approach him yourself and do not let others, especially children.

- Finally, just in case - reception that psychiatrists recommend to their patients. In order to distinguish the real object of hallucination, it is necessary to press a finger lightly on the eyeball: all real objects is bifurcated. Those that do not split in two - the fruit of your imagination.

The Source: Encyclopedia,, «UFOs: Documents and Facts," G. Kolchin, "Encyclopedia of extreme situations" A. Gostyushin.

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