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Monsters on the hook, or fish-ponds mutants conquer

June 22 2010

Birds of a feather flock together. Another good fishermen noticed a bite and enthusiastically considering the catch. In such cases, these hard-core anglers vision worse. Sometimes they notice very strange things.

For example, what a strange incident occurred with a passionate lover of fishing from Lubbock, Texas (USA). The lake is Buffalo Spring, he caught a fish, but not simple, and fanged. And her teeth were very similar to human. Phenomenal fish first thing photographed, and then showed reporters.

Chief Manager of the Office for Supervision of the lake explained that for 36 years had never seen such a monster. But the fisherman, who fished toothed little animal, said he had seen in the water is one such fish. Presumably - a pacu - a version of piranhas, which in nature lives in South America. Local TV announced a prize - 10 000 dollars to anyone who can catch another one just like fish.

A fish with human teeth has become a sensation, but hardly in South Korea would have been surprised such a miracle of nature. It has its own attraction - a fish with a human face. Pisces is actually two, they are splashing in the pond one of the houses in the province of Chungcheongnam-do. Every big fish length of 80 centimeters. Those are both - are clearly visible eyes, eyebrows, ears, nose, lips and even mustaches.

Despite the fact that many ordinary people believe that this horrific mutants - a mixture of fish with a man, experts believe that the unusual visual effect created whimsically arranged head. "Ears" are actually fish-eyes placed on either side. And what looks like "eyes" - this nostrils. The rest of the similarity with a human face complements the painting.

The host fish, said that they live with him from 1986 and represent a hybrid of common carp and mandarin fish. True, he does not explain how he managed to bring such an unusual "rock" and does not catch fish for detailed study.

As for Russia, there is also live unusual fish, and in such abundance that it is possible to lose count. In many regions with developed industry can find reports of living in local waters fish mutants.

Two years ago they were bred in the Saratov Reservoir. Increasingly ichthyologists caught in the Volga River fish larvae with three eyes, no fins, with tumors, and sometimes without some internal organs. In addition, virtually all species of fish in the river, found significant changes of blood and pigmentation of scales. They began appearing fish, whose scales are golden color. In the Samara region in a few years ago was caught bream unusual circular shape.

According to scientists, the appearance of a river dwellers developmental abnormalities and is directly linked to water pollution. There is a pattern: certain types of malformations occur in strictly defined places, for example, near the sewage of the city of Togliatti in virtually all fish larvae, there are serious irregularities in the structure of the skeleton, for example, lack of fins, or curvature of the chord.

Downstream, near Samara, Chapaevsk and Novokujbyshevsk - the fish most commonly encountered anomalies of the senses: the scientists were captured young fish without eyes or, conversely, with three eyes. Not uncommon here, and the tumor on her head.A few years later, scientists say, in the Volga can not remain a decent fish.

Meanwhile, an original catch distinguished citizen of Yakutsk, who decided to go fishing on the river Lena. "The fish was not easy: not only that, without scales, and eyes like two olives, so still and clear to light.

In the capital, things are not much better. The waters of the Moskva River, according to scientists, are teeming with "atypical" fish. During the monitoring of catches of environmental scientists come across fish with various deformities: a tumor mopsovidnost, blindness, telescopes, fish without fins, fish with violations of color.

Also in the river flourish guppies. Aquarium fish there comfortably, they are actively breeding, in fact near any waste water does not cool and winter. Since guppies peacefully coexists Far salmon, "escaped" from the fish factories, though, better not have. Given the level of pollution of the Moskva River, the fish can not be healthy and environmentally friendly.

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