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Found the remains of the royal lover

December 21 2008

In 70-ies. the last century, the cemetery one of the British abbeys were found mutilated remains. Only recently, anthropologist Mary Lewis was able to shed light on the identity of the victim: according to a researcher, it was none other than the favorite of King Edward II Hugh Dispenser, Jr., who was executed in 1326 for treason.

Edward II was married to the lovely Isabella French, daughter of King Philip IV of France nicknamed Handsome. However, the English monarch was entirely indifferent to his young wife. Marital bedroom, he visited only on the days indicated his court astrologer and physician as fertile. The fact that the King loved men! Knew about it the whole yard. Edward did not miss one a little bit cute male person not overlook even the masons rebuilt the Palace of Westminster. But his favorite was Sir Hugh Dispenser, awarded by King of the ducal title.

Hugh was not only a homosexual lover and the king, but also a clever schemer. Approaching the monarch, the Duke of shamelessly put his hand to the government and through various machinations amassed a fortune. Enjoyed royal favor and the other members of his family, seeking for themselves wealth and titles. Dispensers for a short time acquired great influence on Edward, the ruler of which, I must say, left useless.

The King is so fond of Hugh, what with all the yard, even in front of the Queen, assisted her favorite signs of attention, hugging and kissing. Isabella hated dispensers, but was powerless to change anything. Until that moment when her life came baron Roger Mortimer, who had escaped from prison, where he was accused of treason.

Isabella and Roger decided to unite and overthrow the king. At the same time they became lovers. Edward II was charged with sodomy and other sins, was forced to abdicate in favor of the eldest son and put him under arrest. And Hugh Dispenser and his elderly father was sentenced to death for theft and betrayal. Among other charges against Hough Jr., also found this: "He drove out the queen with a double bed.

Penalty was a large gathering of people. Queen and Mortimer also attended. Dispenser was not spared: he was hanged, but that did not die immediately. While he was still alive, the executioner castrated him, cut off the hands and feet ... The last thing they cut off his head, which was subsequently put on public display on London Bridge. However, the body of the missing: Hugh's wife gave only his head for burial.

King Edward did not dare to execute publicly. For a time he spent in prison, then his guards got a secret order from the queen - to kill her ex-husband so that no traces remained. Killer did this by inserting into the anus prisoner hot rod, which passed through the horn (an allusion to homosexuality Edward). Hot iron burned out inside, but not left on the body are no external symptoms. It was announced that King had died from the disease.

Many years later, Queen Isabella and her favorite Mortimer paid for their crimes. The young King Edward III ordered the execution lover mother, not wanting to share power with him, and the queen, having learned about the arrest of her lover who lost her baby, who was waiting on him ... All these events are described in historical chronicles.

So, discovered the remains belonged to the period between 1050 and 1385 years. and belonged to a man older than 34 years. It is known that Sir Hugh Dispenser, Jr. died at age 40. Damage to the body exactly matched the description given in the chronicles. Body for a while held in the water - presumably he was thrown from a bridge.. But then, obviously, someone picked up the remains and buried them. Looks like another chilling historical mystery found her clue ...


Андрей Гальперин

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