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They breathe and move around: the secret life of rocks

July 20 2006

Have you ever wondered, when I run into the lake next "pancake" over the fact that sending a mission not just a flat pebble, but a living creature? Probably not, but in vain.

Two French geologists, explorers Arnold Reshar and Pierre Eskola long and carefully studied rock samples taken in different parts of the globe and found that the stones have a semblance of life processes, but very slow.

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It turns out that the structure of the stone can vary, they are old and young. Moreover - they seem to breathe. However, one "breath" they go from three days to two weeks. And every "heart beat" lasts about a day.

Photographing the stones with large time intervals, the researchers managed to determine that they move. One of them observed stones in two weeks moved to 2,5 m. Most likely, we are talking about ordinary physical processes associated with the shearing of the soil, the influence of water, but researchers claim that the stones are alive.

All this may seem a fiction, if not a series of interesting circumstances. In the famous Death Valley - a small desert in California (USA), which is considered the hottest place on Earth than mirages are quite amazing things. The desert is known strange behavior of rocks, which spontaneously roll, avoiding obstacles along the way, on the sand with a barely perceptible rate.

The absence of clearly visible next to the stone after someone else other traces, which was confirmed even by experienced criminologists, suggests that ordinary stones, weighing up to half a ton roll unassisted and often against the wind.

In Russia, too, has its own stone-playboy. This legendary stone boulder Hsin-old, located near the village of Settlement under Pereslavl. According to ancient Russian tradition in the spirit of a rock, ispolniyayuschy dreams and desires. In the early seventeenth century, the church joined the fight with the pagan relic. Deacon Pereslavsky Semenovskoy church Anoufriev ordered to dig a big hole and throw it in the Hsin-stone. But after a few years boulder mysteriously looked out from under the ground.

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After 150 years, church authorities decided to lay Pereslavl "magic" stone in the foundation of the foundation of the local bell tower. Stone loaded onto a sled and took the ice Pleshcheeva lake. The ice cracked and Hsin-stone sank to a depth of five meters. But soon the fishermen began to notice that the boulder is unknown alters its position, slowly moving along the bottom. After half a century he was on shore at the foot of the mountain Yarilinoy where lies so far.

In addition, in the south of our country, in the steppes of Rostov, crawls Gypsy-rock. In the Amur region, near Lake Bolon, travels to the outskirts of dead stone.He is worshiped by all the local Evenki, believing that live in it the most evil spirits.

In England periodically crawls to the sea coast of King Arthur's Stone (4 m long, 2 wide, 2 and 5 in height, weighing 25 tons) as the locals say, to drink salt water. Today he is the object of pilgrimage for tourists in Wales

One of the most mysterious "living" stones located in Tibet, near one of the Buddhist monasteries. He not only creeps, but climbs up the hill. And this at a weight of more than a ton.

So he travels more than a thousand years. And the stone moves on a strict route: climb a mountain altitude 2560 meters down with her and then cranking wheels. On the ascent and descent near the stone takes on average 15 years. A circular route length of 60 kilometers is 50 years. Studied the phenomenon of experts established that the stone in about 50 million years.

Scientific explanations of the phenomenon of wandering stones are still there. Seriously studying this phenomenon, the science dealt only in 1948. The first experiments conducted at the American Institute of Geology. All laboratory studies have confirmed that the chemical composition of the vagus stones - the most common. With the move was launched by the so-called temperature hypothesis: heated in the sun, the stones with one hand extended, on the other - narrow and due to this creep. This hypothesis was very quickly recognized the untenable, because there should be crawling all stones on Earth.

The researchers then hypothesized effect on the rocks, soil erosion, underground water flow, the geomagnetic field, and even the strong wind, but they have not been confirmed. Incidentally, the famous academician Fersman hypothesized that there may be a form of life based on silicon. So researchers will face a lot of work.

Constantine Dyatlov

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Константин Дятлов

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