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Learning to order dreams

August 19 2006

Dreams for a man can become a real repository of answers to their questions. Use your mind in a dream as a search engine or as a personal assistant can practically everyone. To do this, simply order the desired dream.

The image and the story dreams are involved intellectual, emotional, physiological processes - all components of our body and soul. Even conscious of, like the tip of the iceberg of our psyche, part of the dream. It is thanks to her we can dream, make decisions, assess the value of a particular character or event, and actually remember the dream.

Dreams are always working on the man, but his mind may not always provide quality service to his unconscious, I mean - the true, natural - needs and drives. In order to see in a dream the desired plot, we must first accurately articulate what you want to see, says

Order a dream not to come up with the story and see it in full accordance to his plan. Dreams - is to lead our unconscious or subconscious processes, products, their sense that they bring us a new, clarifying the unknown, given what we need, but can not get in the waking state.

But we can tune in to a response to our request to the system: to solve creative or intellectual challenge, to get a hint at some problematic situation, to journey to a joyful and exciting world, or seeing someone about whom we care, in the context of his situation. To see the dream that you want to see, it is necessary to make the following settings.

1. Tune in remembering dreams. We need to develop a habit of recalling a dream upon awakening. Skill remember dreams well fixed with a simple trick, like the record. Place the bed pad and pen to write down immediately after waking up the most vivid images. Remembering dreams promotes competent deep relaxation before going to sleep, and relatively quiet, no sudden awakening.

It is also necessary to program myself to the fact that when the goal is reached, it is necessary to give a command to wake up. People during the night sees about four or five dreams, separated by time intervals, so to speak nightly intermissions. And the answer to this question may be, for example, appear in the first dream in the morning to two. A man wakes up in the morning when, more often remembers only the last dream. And so he may think he has failed, and the answer to the question was not obtained. But it's not, he just did not then woke up and had forgotten the answer.

2. Formulate a "systematic inquiry". Ordering yourself a dream, it is important to determine exactly what you want to see - to understand and articulate. This may be a particular issue. For example, during the Yuletide dreams are prophetic. You can tune in dreams as the expression of the major trends in the events of next year, and you'll get just such a dream-orientation.

If you think a lot about a person, and want it to be your dream, then you need to think about it before bedtime. If you just want to see the spectacular dream - an adventure story or a journey - you need to formulate a request. Before going to bed to remind myself that request.

The more precisely you articulate your request, and the closer it is to the actual experienced by you here and now, living situation, the more precisely it reflects your immediate needs, the sooner you will see the corresponding dream. Sometimes the desired dream dreams at once, this may take time - from several days to several months.

To be sure you can write your order on paper. Or say it aloud at bedtime. After a goal-setting can be done to his internal appeal, asking for assistance.

3.Focusing on the request in the "border" state between sleeping and waking. Border states play an important role in the intellectual and creative life. They are characterized by "transparency" of subconscious processes, so many ideas and insights occur just on the verge of wakefulness and sleep. Some people just go to sleep - only the head touches the pillow.

In order to concentrate on the intermediate state requires the skills of self-regulation - such as the ability to relax, get rid of disturbing thoughts and think positively. In a calm relaxed state, when starting an immersion in the dream, if you are able to focus on his request - it will send the dream in the appropriate direction.

Before entering into a dream to provide in detail the milieu that picture, which is connected closely the goal. Imagine, dream, give your unconscious context, the environment, in which he should be there at bedtime.


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