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Humanity is on the verge of disclosing the secrets of the creation of the Universe - June 19, 2006

June 19 2006

Humanity is on the verge of disclosing the secrets of the creation of the universe. This was stated by Stephen Hawking, the famous English scientist and popularizer of Theoretical Physics and the emergence of the revolutionary theories of the cosmos. According to researchers, modern cosmology is developing rapidly, so is "soon" we will know the answers to the most important questions: who or what the world was created around us how and for what purpose.

Hawking is also concerned about the increasing risk of destruction of Earth . He believes that life on Earth is under growing threat of destruction of a disaster such as sudden global warming, nuclear war, genetically engineered virus or other dangers. Scientists theorize that in 20 years people might have a permanent base on the moon and a colony on Mars in the next four decades.

Incidentally, in 2001, Stephen Hawking has warned about another danger for mankind - it comes from cars . The scientist said that if people in the future wish to remain competitive in comparison with the same machines they created without genetic engineering is necessary.

"In contrast with our intellect, the performance of computers doubles every 18 months - Hawking said, referring to Moore's Law. - The risk that they become the intellect, and they conquered the world, is very real. "

According to Hawking, there are only two ways out. Mankind will either have to think about the artificial improvement of their genes, or try to find a way to combine computers and human brains. "We have to go that route if we want biological organisms is still superior to electronic."

Meanwhile, in early 2006, the call the mysteries of the universe threw American astronomers. Researchers promise to tell us what it consists of 96 percent of the invisible matter of the Earth , which is felt only by the gravitational attraction why our planet is increasing in size and whether the universe is something akin to the Earth. It is true it will happen only if in 10 years they will be able to build a giant telescope.

On the project for five years now there are eight American institutions, collecting the different parts of the telescope. When the device is ready, it taken away in the Chilean desert where, according to experts, the most suitable weather for astronomical research - dark skies and windless. The telescope requires significant investments in terms of $ 400 million.

Russia also has become involved in and launched an international project studies the mysteries of the universe. In March this year scientists from all over the world came to Lake Baikal, to work on a unique deep-sea telescope. He is able to capture neutrinos - particles that store information about distant galaxies. But it can be done only in the crystalline water column. Baikal for that perfect place.

In March this year, the British physicist John Barrow, David received the annual award for Templtonovskuyu study of the so-called anthropic principle, which can be regarded as scientific proof of creation of the universe on a plan of the Creator .

According to one of the formulations of the anthropic principle, the universe must be such that it at some stage of evolution assumes the existence of observers.This fact can be regarded as evidence that the universe evolves according to the management of the project, the plan belongs to its Creator.

Reference: Stephen Hawking. English physicist. Born in Oxford, graduated from the local university. Received his doctorate at Cambridge. While still a graduate student at Cambridge University, became seriously ill: the Hawking was revealed rare neuropathology, soon led the scientist to almost complete paralysis. Scientist for many years confined to a wheelchair and forced to communicate with the outside world solely by means of a computer equipped with a speech synthesizer. This, however, did not prevent him from becoming one of the leading astrophysicists of our time. Hawking used the ideas of quantum mechanics and relativity theory to black holes and cosmology. Hocking popular ideas outlined in published in 1988 and became a best-seller "A Brief History of Time."

Constantine Woodpeckers

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