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Adolf Hitler was influenced by aliens

April 19 2007

Adolf Hitler, according to some versions, was a madman. Perhaps he was "inspired by" race superhumans, whom they called "Aryans". According to some historical records, Adolf Hitler was a member of the demonic UFO cult, which he sought to glorify. Nazis themselves claimed that "extraterrestrial" society was the source of their ideology and power.

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By nekoltorym data, Nazi mysticism was a direct product of religious worship, ruled by aliens. "Extraterrestrial owners" of the Nazis called "superman". Hitler believed in these "supermen" and claimed that he had once met one of them.

There was a suggestion that Adolf Hitler escaped capture anti-Hitler coalition troops with the help of his "extraterrestrial society." His suicide may have been invented and planned to quell mass concern. Supporters of one of the theories suggest that the Nazis were preparing for the Third World War.

The Nazis claimed that their "superman" lived below the surface of the Earth and was the creator of the "Aryan race". In the arguments of Hitler Aryans were regarded as "inferior genetic mutations.

The Nazis planned to "cleanse" humanity, carrying out genocide against anyone who was not Aryan. They believed that "underground Superman returns to earth to manage it.

Hitler said: "Army of the Nazis, which we have formed, is growing day by day. I hope that one day the time will come when these rough companies will turn into battalions, battalions to regiments, that the old badge to get rid of dirt, and old flags to wave again. "

From historical reports that Adolf Hitler and other high-ranking Nazis were talking with "the Scandinavian gods, which were identified as" demons ". Hitler saw the ideal man to Satan and his demons, who are of extraterrestrial's race, who looked like tall men with light blond hair and blue eyes.

Remaining assumption that Hitler did not commit suicide. In 1952 he was elected U.S. President Dwight Eisenhower said: "We did not find tangible evidence of Hitler's death. Many believe that he simply ran out of Berlin. "

In November 1949, published an article telling that "the Nazis went underground May 16, 1943!".

September 17, 1974 at the Canadian Broadcasting Program Professor Reeder Sagueney, a surgeon at the University of Dentistry in California, said that Hitler once ordered that a special plane departed from Berlin with all medical records and X-rays of all the major Nazis. All medical records of Hitler disappeared, and they are never seen.

January 16, 1948 in a newspaper published an article with the theory that the April 30, 1945 Captain Peter Bomgart took Adolf Hitler, his wife Eva Braun in his plane, and they went to Denmark. From there they took another plane to Norway.

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